If Michael Bay Directed WrestleMania!

Director Michael Bay is not known for his character development, light cinematic touch or use of artistic subtlety. This dude is the poster child for the expression "go big or go home" and he sure loves his explosions! This is the guy who brought us the Transformers movies, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and The Rock.

I was going to use "The Rock" as a clever and subtle segue into talking about wrestling but instead I figured I would take a page from Mister Bay's book and go with the direct approach.

So, what I have for you in the above video is a look at what things might look like if Michael Bay directed WrestleMania.

The next one I want to see is a "what if John Woo directed WrestleMania?" video. Just picture all those wrestling scenes with white doves flying around everywhere.

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