10 Members Of Impact's Aces & Eights Ranked By How Successful They Became

Aces & Eights is one of the most memorable stables in the history of TNA, and whilst the group ended up becoming very watered down, there is no doubt that the faction created some of the most memorable moments in the history of the company.

Packing together a group of wrestling veterans and some handpicked upcoming talents who TNA management believed would become major stars, the group had a fun concept that hadn't been seen before in WWE.

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With a very Sons Of Anarchy feel about it the group would attack their victims when they least expected it and certainly got the wrestling world talking. But which members of the group managed to have major success after everything was said and done?

10 Wes Brisco

Being in the same family as Gerald and Jack Brisco, the expectations for Wes Brisco were fairly high when he first arrived on the scene, and that is likely the reason why TNA decided to place him into the Aces & Eights faction.

Brisco was part of the group for around nine months until he was kicked out for losing to Samoa Joe, and eventually, he was released by the company altogether, opting to sign with New Japan afterwards.

However, he didn't even make it through the end of the year in Japan and returned to America where he has competed around the independent scene with very little fanfare.

9 D'Lo Brown

D'Lo Brown had already achieved the greatest moments of his career by the time he appeared in the Aces And Eights, but having a well-respected name like him in the faction certainly didn't hurt anybody.

D'Lo only spent a few months within the faction as he was actually released by the company, but that wasn't the end of Brown's career in professional wrestling, as he continued within the business after that.

D'Lo ended up moving to Future Stars of Wrestling in Las Vegas where he now works as a teacher, and he continues to appear at fan conventions in order to stay in touch with his fans.

8 Knux

Even though he worked as Knux in TNA, he will be best remembered for his run with WWE where he wrestled under the name of Mike Knox, however, Knux was a member of the Aces & Eights group, joining on his debut with the company.

Knux actually stayed throughout the entire run of Aces & Eights before eventually joining The Menagerie before leaving the company where he would go on to Japan to wrestle for the Inoki Genome Federation.

However, Knux has since returned to the States and is now taking bookings in America as he finishes his career out. He might not be working for any big places but he is still very much on the scene.

7 Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz's run with TNA and Aces & Eights ended up getting cut far shorter than most people had hoped for, with Bellator MMA pulling him from the company even though he was set for a strong run in the faction.

Of course, even with a brief run in professional wrestling, Ortiz is best known for his MMA career, being a UFC Hall Of Famer and a former Bellator athlete, Ortiz helped shape the landscape for the sport that everyone knows today.

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However, that doesn't mean he has finished, as he has recently been announced for another MMA fight against none other than former WWE and TNA star, Alberto Del Rio.

6 Garett Bischoff

Much like Wes Brisco earlier in the list, there was a weight of expectation on the shoulders of Garett Bischoff due to the fact he is the son of Eric Bischoff, but he failed to make as big of a mark as his father did on the industry.

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Even though Garett was trained by Hulk Hogan, and got a big opportunity with the Aces & Eights faction, attacking Kurt Angle right out the bat, he didn't really make much of an impact with the company.

Since then, Bischoff has continued to wrestle, mainly on the independent circuit in America, and actually just returned to the ring in 2018 after a four-year break from wrestling.

5 Taz

ECW legend, Taz worked as the spokesperson for the Aces & Eights, and although he did join the group quite late on, he was part of the faction until the very end of its run on TNA television.

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Once his time with the group ended, he stuck around with the company for a few more years, mainly working as a commentator as he had done previously for WWE, and even though he hasn't had much direct involvement with wrestling since, he has maintained a presence.

His podcast, The Taz Show, has become incredibly popular amongst wrestling fans, with the veteran giving his thoughts and opinions on today's product, which is always an interesting listen.

4 Devon

It wasn't a surprise to see Devon be part of the Aces And Eights as he took up the role of 1st. Sgt In Arms within the faction, eventually being taken out of the group after suffering the pinfall in a 5 v 5 match against Main Event Mafia.

Devon followed his legendary tag team partner back to WWE where he was able to have a final run as the Dudley Boyz on the biggest stage possible, mixing it up with some of the best tag teams of the modern era, such as The New Day.

Devon was then inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and now works behind the scenes with Vince McMahon's company in a producers role.

3 Ivelisse Vélez

Ivelisse Vélez wasn't a major part of Aces And Eights, but she did compete for the faction at the One Night Only: World Cup of Wrestling event as an honorary member and has managed to go on and have a fairly successful career in wrestling.

Even though her run with TNA wasn't a massive one, she has had opportunities with WWE, appearing on Tough Enough and having several tryouts with the company, but her big break came through Lucha Underground.

The popular company took a chance on Ivelisse and helped develop her where she has shown her true abilities as one of the best female wrestlers around right now, with a bright future ahead of her still.

2 Bully Ray

Bully Ray was the first president of Aces & Eights, being the leader of the faction who was often the centre of attention. Bully had a brilliant run in TNA as a top heel, but when that run was over most people presumed that he might be hanging up his boots.

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However, Bully proved he wasn't anywhere near done when his time in TNA finished as he made his return to WWE for a final Dudley Boyz run where they got the chance to finish their career as a tag team on the biggest stage possible.

Bully was then inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and then continued to wrestle for Ring Of Honor where he proved vital in getting over younger talent such as Flip Gordon. Since then, Bully has become a key part of the Busted Open Radio show and works for ROH backstage, continuing to give back to the business.

1 D.O.C

D.O.C, who is now more commonly known as Luke Gallows in WWE has certainly gone on to have the most success since the faction disbanded, even though his time outside of IMPACT Wrestling hasn't always been smooth sailing.

Gallows left the group because his contract with IMPACT came to an end and he opted to make the journey to the land of the rising sun as he signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he formed a team with Karl Anderson, to become the Good Brothers.

Gallows enjoyed a long run as a member of the Bullet Club and then made his return to WWE where he has had varied success, looking strong alongside AJ Styles and Anderson at times. But even in his weaker WWE moments, Gallows has still been the most successful Aces & Eights member.

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