Impact Paying Fans To Attend Live Events

Things haven't been going well for Impact Wrestling lately, from a business and financial standpoint. They had a chance to turn things around at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view event on Sunday, but the critics were far from impressed.

But things have gotten even worse for Impact. They were so desperate for an audience on Monday's tapings, that Smyth Casting in Ottawa was offering to pay local "background actors" for to appear.

Also, PWInsider reported that folks who applied for the background acting gig were given a full form to submit, including personal details, that they must be non-union and would possibly "be given signs to hold," while even encouraging fans to make their own signs.

Deadspin writer David Bixenspan released the full application form on Twitter:

So that's how things have been going for Impact Wrestling lately. Needless to say, the company undoubtedly has some major hardships to overcome, considering its big pay-per-view flopped and now is desperate to find audience members.


Just weeks ago, Impact Wrestling announced they terminated their business relations with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling, which was yet another blow for WWE's main competition.

Though Impact would obviously like to have better attendance figures, even the WWE has put on shows in empty arenas.

Of course, the WWE continues to be one of the top-watched programs in the world on a weekly basis, so the empty crowds are much more alarming for Impact.

One has to wonder if Impact Wrestling will be able to survive much longer. With top talents like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, the Hardy Brothers, Sting, Kurt Angle, and Gail Kim long gone, the company is going through some growing pains as they build their new main event scene.

With Bound for Glory disappointing and fans needing to be paid to show up, things aren't boding well for Impact. We'll see if they're able to claw out of this mess in any way.


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Impact Paying Fans To Attend Live Events