Impact Wrestling Knockout Finds Scary Issue When Hospitalized During Taping

Former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Sienna was hospitalized during Impact's latest tapings for a pretty scary reason.

It feels like Impact Wrestling go through a transitional period every couple of months or so. Right now, the company formerly known as TNA are going through another. For starters, talents such as Rockstar Spud, Bobby Lashley, and Ethan Carter III look to have pretty much signed for WWE. Without those, three the complexion of Impact looks very different whether you like it or not.


Even though the three names mentioned above have not yet been confirmed to now be WWE Superstars, it seems as if life without them has already begun. Impact like to book and tape their shows in bulk and a few days ago they taped upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling for six straight days. That's a lot of television to have in the bank.

It wasn't all rainbows and butterflies during the tapings though. Two-time Knockouts Champion Sienna was rushed to hospital midway through the six-day marathon and upon arrival, she discovered it was for a very scary reason. Sienna expected to show up at the hospital and be told she had a misplaced rib or a collapsed lung. In actual a fact, the 30-year-old Impact star has blood clots in each of her lungs. Scary stuff.

Fear not, however, as Sienna seems to be OK. It was the former champ herself that tweeted out the news of her blood clots after all as you can see above. She clarified that she will not be wrestling for the time being as she recovers, but she will still be making appearances. Apparently, Sienna wrestled on two days of the six days of tapings so she will still be featured on upcoming episodes of Impact.


A punctured lung or a broken rib are injuries that you would expect and are part and parcel of being a pro wrestler. Take a bump wrong or mistime a move then those things can happen. Blood clots on both lungs are a new one on us though. Here's hoping that Sienna isn't sidelined for too long because of it and hopefully she will have a speedy recovery.

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