5 Reasons You Should Be Watching IMPACT Wrestling (& 5 Major Problems The Company Still Has)

IMPACT Wrestling has had a rocky road over the years, going from the glory days of TNA where many believed the company could compete with WWE, to now where they have been overtaken by countless different promotions.

Despite that, IMPACT is very much still fighting on, putting on a weekly product and attempting to stay as relevant as possible, but because of its history a lot of wrestling fans have now given up on the company.

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That's a shame because IMPACT Wrestling is actually doing some of its best work in years, and there are many reasons to continue watching. Although, at the same time, there are still painfully bad problems that stop the company from growing, and within this list, we will look at both positives and negatives to IMPACT right now.

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10 Major Problem: The TNA History

Every wrestling company that has been around for a while has got a history, some good, and some bad and IMPACT Wrestling tends to suffer from that more than any other company in the world right now.

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Sure, WWE has had some major problems in the past, but they do not receive the flak that IMPACT does. The troubled past of not paying wrestlers on time, shockingly bad storylines and an unreliable product haunts everything that the company does now.

No matter how many times IMPACT attempts to rebrand, partner with someone new, or change its look, it seems like people are simply not prepared to give the company a fresh start without talking about its history, which is a real shame.

9 Reason You Should Watch: An Incredible Roster

Right now the wrestling world is jam-packed with incredible talent, whether they work for WWE, AEW, New Japan, or IMPACT Wrestling, every single roster around the world is absolutely loaded.

Because of this, fans are being treated to world-class matches on a regular basis and IMPACT is able to provide them as well, with names such as Sami Callihan and Brian Cage putting on fantastic matches consistently.

IMPACT is working hard to create the stars of the future in wrestling to build its brand around and with fantastic wrestling taking place, there is no reason why people shouldn't be tuning in.

8 Major Problem: Still Rely On Past WWE Names

One of the major reasons why TNA never worked out as well as it should have is down to the fact that they simply relied upon former WWE Superstars too much, rather than trusting their own talent.

Signing anybody that got released from WWE ended up watering down the TNA product and whilst IMPACT isn't quite as bad now, it is still guilty of picking up former Vince McMahon guys and trying to rebrand them into something else.

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Thankfully, they no longer sign old wrestlers who have long past their prime, instead now opting for younger talents like Rich Swann, which does help them, but it would still be better if they left WWE's scraps for a little while.

7 Reason You Should Watch: Tag Team Wrestling

AEW isn't the only company that is putting a focus on tag team wrestling, as IMPACT also tries to feature their own tag division as strongly as possible, and with a collection of top teams, it makes perfect sense.

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Tag team wrestling, when done correctly, is one of the most exciting things in wrestling with fast-paced action keeping fans on the edge of their seats with tons of opportunities for unique storylines.

With WWE not bothering with its tag team division, this is a major positive to IMPACT's current product and is something that can help to attract fans to the show.

6 Major Problem: To Stars Leave

IMPACT Wrestling has done a great job at creating some major names and has brought in some top tier talent as well over the years in order to try and attract fresh eyes to the product on a weekly basis.

This is a great idea, and it has worked, but the problem is that eventually IMPACT's top tier talent always seem to move on, looking for a bigger company to join rather than sticking around to build the brand.

Johnny Impact was the latest big name to walk away from the company and there is rumors that LAX is set to follow the Lucha Brothers in joining AEW, which is not what you want when investing time and effort into a company.

5 Reason You Should Watch: Intergender Wrestling

For some people, this might be a major problem, as not everybody is into intergender wrestling, but for many fans, this is a big benefit to watching IMPACT Wrestling as they have been very happy to have it on their product.

Whilst WWE will force men and women to only face their own gender during mixed tag team matches, IMPACT is out having brutal main events between men and women as they go all out attempting to destroy each other.

IMPACT doesn't just throw out intergender matches for the sake of it, there is always a rhyme and a reason for it which helps the narrative, and because of that they can be very fun to watch.

4 Major Problem: Production Problems

Despite the fact that IMPACT Wrestling is supposed to be a major wrestling company, the show is still plagued by major production problems that you would expect from an upstart company, not one with the experience that IMPACT boasts.

Recently the company aired an episode of TV in the UK and simply showed the same episode that they had done the week prior, rather than giving the new episode to the fans to keep the show moving on, meaning they missed out on a week of TV.

As well as that, IMPACT also cut out midway through an episode, and then just never came back to air, leaving things and ending the episode, which is just unacceptable at any level.

3 Reason You Should Watch: Unscripted Promos

Unlike on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live where your favorite WWE Superstar cuts an incredibly robotic promo due to the fact they have to follow a script word for word, that doesn't happen over on IMPACT Wrestling.

Sure, there are no doubt scripts and bullet points for the talent to follow along with in order to keep storylines going, but things are very much looser which allows the talent to dictate what they are going to say.

With talented writers like Jimmy Jacobs, who worked on the Festival of Friendship in WWE, behind the scenes, the promos and vignettes tend to feel much more real inside the IMPACT zone.

2 Major Problem: It's Hard To Find

Without doubt, the biggest issue that IMPACT Wrestling has is its availability with the show being aired on the Pursuit Channel, which is one that most people haven't even heard of.

This is a major issue when WWE is airing on the USA Network and soon to be FOX and AEW is enjoying life on TNT, whilst little old IMPACT is on a channel that not everybody even has access to.

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As well as that they push the fact that they're on Twitch, which doesn't exactly scream WWE Network or BR Live as its competition does. With IMPACT not being overly visible, most people are simply left to miss out.

1 Reason You Should Watch: The Knockouts Division

WWE might have had the women's evolution, but the truth of the matter is that TNA was pushing women's wrestling long before any of that happened, and it has very much remained a focal point of the product today.

People might want to talk about the likes of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, but the reality is that IMPACT's Knockout division is just as strong, if not stronger, with Tessa Blanchard being one of the best female wrestlers on the planet.

IMPACT is not concerned about giving the women a major push either, often ending up in main event opportunities, and it really is well worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of women's wrestling.

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