India Fans Get Salty About Vince McMahon's Criticisms Of Finn Balor

In case you haven't noticed, Finn Balor hasn't been the slightest bit pleased about Vince McMahon reportedly saying he's not "over enough,"—and now fans are sharing that sentiment.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, Balor has shared a few Instagram and Twitter photos to display his frustration.

I AM NOT OVER cooking the turkey #happythanksgiving

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The good news for Balor is that the fans appear to be fully on his side. He gets some of the loudest cheers among all WWE superstars, and even the fans in Abu Dhabi seem to support The Demon King all the way.


It's safe to say Vince McMahon and the WWE Universe have a better idea of what "over" means. The boss seems to think Roman Reigns is over when the fans have rejected him for the better part of the last three years.

Balor became the first WWE Universal Champion at SummerSlam 2016, defeating Seth Rollins. But a shoulder injury sidelined him for eight months, forcing The Demon King to relinquish his title. Since returning from injury, Balor has been stuck at the mid-card level and was made a non-factor for Team Raw at the five-on-five interbrand tag team match at Survivor Series.

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He's put on a series of great matches against top superstars and appears to be "over" with the crowd—if fan reactions are an indication of anything. You can understand why Balor is frustrated with McMahon's opinion, and you wonder what more it'll take until he regains the main event push.

For what it's worth, the McMahon family has stated that the fans help them dictate storylines and matches. If that's true, then we'll have to see if Vince will one day decide that Balor is over. Otherwise, Balor's mentioning of the "O" word will not be OVER anytime soon.


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