Indie Promotion Holds A Wrestling Event In A Public Library

Throughout the years, we've all seen wrestling matches mostly in large arenas, stadiums or even in people's backyards, but never in a local library.

Yes, you read that right, a library. A place that is typically supposed to one of the quietest public places that allows people to read, study and conduct research. So it's very ironic that a wrestling match, one of the most loud and rowdy sporting events, went down in a library.

A Milwaukee library ended up teaming up with an independent wrestling company called Mondo Lucha. What really made the entire event great is that it was free to the public and was family-friendly. It was a part of the library's “Library Loud Days” series, according to UPROXX.

What was really cool is that the event wasn't made up of a bunch of nobodies. Impact Wrestling star DJZ, plus Isaias Velazquez and Xavier Mustafa made appearances.

Unfortunately the show sold out very quickly, since there were only 500 tickets. But the library managed to have the event streamed live on Facebook and it lasted just under one hour. You have to love social media. Check it out below.

LIVE: Mondo Lucha at Milwaukee Public Library!

Join us Friday with Mondo Lucha! and experience the rowdy side of the library in our livestream of this sold out #LibraryLoudDays event!

Posted by Milwaukee Public Library on Friday, December 1, 2017

The local news station even ran a report on the wrestling event. This makes sense, given the fact that you don't see too many matches in a library.

Library Wrestling

ICYMI: The Milwaukee Public Library teamed up with Mondo Lucha for a wrestling event inside the Mitchell St. branch on Friday night. Ben Hutchison checked out the action!

Posted by WISN 12 NEWS on Saturday, December 2, 2017

The best part for fans, may have been the fact that Mondo Lucha was able to use the library's multimedia center in order to allow fans to create and edit their own promos. They also gave away tons of posters and luchador masks. You can't beat that for paying nothing to get in.


I have to give Mondo Lucha credit. Holding a wrestling event in a library is certainly a way to get your name out there in order to grow and draw more people to your events. If there's anyone out there, like me, who's never heard of them, now we know who they are.

Now that I'm done writing this article, I'm going to watch the entire event, since is the first wrestling event ever held in a library, that I know of.


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