Richochet ROASTED By Fans For Bound For Glory Criticism

Impact Wrestling held its main pay-per-view event, Bound for Glory, in Ottawa on Sunday. Though the show was heavily panned by critics, it did feature a nice send-off moment for Gail Kim who won her final match and got to retire as the Impact Knockouts Champion.

Kim, who was one of the most influential female wrestlers for both the WWE and Impact, formally announced her retirement and relinquished the championship following her victory at Bound for Glory. However, the end of Kim's career didn't sit well with Ricochet, an Indie superstar who most recently performed in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Lucha Underground.


Replying to what Hurricane Helms (remember him?) had to share on the match, Richochet voiced his displeasure of Kim's victory on Twitter:

That's where Impact Wrestling hot Jeremy Borash came in to roast Richocet:

Richochet was none too pleased, and responded with these remarks:

Without a doubt, Kim retires as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all-time. She was the first woman inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, won seven Knockouts Championships and was a Knockouts Tag Team Champion. Kim also held the WWE Women's Championship once.

The Toronto native had two stints with both WWE and TNA/Impact. Her career in the former started in 2002, before she left and eventually wound up in Jeff Jarrett's TNA in 2005. After three years there, Kim returned to the WWE and stayed there until once again heading back to TNA in 2011.

Therefore, it only made sense for Kim to be able to retire a champion, much like Trish Stratus got to in the WWE. Both women did so much in the wrestling industry and inspired the younger generation performers. Letting Kim and Stratus retire was the least the respective creative teams for each company could do.

Nonetheless, Richocet voiced his opinion and got roasted for it.


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Richochet ROASTED By Fans For Bound For Glory Criticism