AEW's Chris Jericho-Led Faction Now Has A Name

Chris Jericho revealed on this week's Dynamite that his new five-man faction has a name: The Inner Circle.

Last week, the Wednesday Night War between AEW and NXT officially began. Although Dynamite trounced NXT in the ratings, both shows had their plusses and minuses. Both shows had to ensure they went off the air with something that would capture the attention of fans. Something to make sure they had to tune in to episode two from the very start.

AEW did that by having a new heel faction form before our very eyes. A faction led by Chris Jericho, no less. If you weren't taken with the fact that Jake Hager was making his (sort of) surprise entrance to AEW, the fact he was doing so to help out a band of bad guys pieced together by AEW's World Champion should have at least had you intrigued.

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For the past seven days, we have been wondering whether what we witnessed was the start of a new stable, or simply heels doing heel things. Turns out it was the former, and Y2J introduced us to his very own Suicide Squad at the start of this week's Dynamite. Jericho gleefully gave fans and viewers a rundown of each of his faction buddies, and also revealed that they're referring to themselves as The Inner Circle.

That wouldn't be that last we saw of The Inner Circle on Wednesday either. Dynamite's main event tag team match descended into chaos. Although it was only supposed to include two of The Inner Circle's five members, the entire quintet eventually wound up in the ring. They were joined by the likes of Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Darby Allin who ran to the ring to even up the odds.

The wildcard in all of this was MJF. As his best friend Rhodes suffered at the hands of The Inner Circle, the young upstart sprinted to the ring with a steel chair in hand. Jericho gave MJF the chance to hit Rhodes with the chair, further teasing that one day MJF will turn on his buddy. Not on this night though, as Friedman instead helped fight off the scourge of AEW.

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