Wrestler Performs INSANE & Dangerous Piledriver Onto Steel Chairs [VIDEO]

A wrestler named RJ Rude recently performed a terrifying looking piledriver onto some steel chairs at an independent show.

Is professional wrestling more dangerous today than it ever has been, or is the business being treated like too much of a joke in the present day? If you take a step back and look at what's happening across the industry and the complaints that various fans are making then an argument can be made that strangely enough both of the above are taking place simultaneously.

There's no question that certain wrestlers are taking more risks nowadays than those who preceded them in the business used to. You can't watch an episode of Raw or SmackDown Live these days without witnessing a suicide dive in pretty much every match on the card. On the flip side, The Young Bucks' match at Final Battle on Friday has been a hot topic of conversation after UFC fighter Daniel Cormier labeled the bout as embarrassing.


Well, anyone who believes that the pro wrestling business has become all about flips and is more or less a glorified gymnastics exhibition should check out the maneuver below. During a match at a small independent show, wrestler RJ Rude performed a package piledriver on his opponent onto a number of set up steel chairs. Rude has named the death-defying stunt the Blink - 123 and honestly, it's a minor miracle that his opponent didn't end up dead.

Even the most ardent of wrestling fans must look at the GIF above and cringe. Wrestlers shouldn't have to perform moves like these in order to impress fans, but unfortunately, it looks as if that's where we are at this moment in time. A lot of pro wrestlers are of the belief that doing things like this is what's needed in order for them to make it in the industry, even if it's only in front of a handful of people.

The truth is it isn't. Moves that put yours and your opponents lives at risk that help you get to the top of the pro wrestling pyramid aren't worth it. Being able to pull off great looking moves certainly adds a string to your bow, but it isn't the be all and end all. Take AJ Styles for example. He can likely perform a package piledriver from the top rope, but he doesn't need to in order to be the best wrestler in the world. It's his ability to put together terrific matches and raise the game of his opponents which does that for him.


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