The Most Insane Nonsensical Things Booker T Said On Commentary

On Monday morning it was announced that Jonathan Coachman will be returning to WWE. Coach left WWE in 2008 after almost ten years with the company as an interviewer, announcer, and occasional in-ring talent, mainly for comedic angles. Well a further ten years on and The Coach is back and he will once again be taking up the role of announcer on Monday Night Raw. The former ESPN presenter will join Michael Cole and Corey Graves behind the announce desk on Monday nights, and you know what that means. As happy as we are for The Coach, we will no longer have Booker T calling the action on Raw every week. The more cynical and straight laced fans among you might be relieved to hear that, but some of us have been entertained by Booker these last few months.


Week in, week out on Raw, one thing has been a constant lately, and that's Booker T's blunders. Cole and Graves have had to pick up the pieces as the WWE Hall of Famer roots for one star minutes after he was rooting for their mortal enemy, contradicts himself from one sentence to the next, and generally just rambles nonsense which makes him sound like he isn't watching what is going on directly in front of him. No more though as for now at least the only time we'll be seeing the six time World Champion is on kick off shows for pay per views.

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With Booker on his way out of the announce booth, we thought now would be the best time to reflect on some of his more memorable nonsensical moments from his latest stint as an announcer. We did run a weekly list detailing them after all and rarely had trouble filling that list each and every week. The first moment that jumped out to us straight away was actually one that took place on the build to the Royal Rumble. While looking directly down the camera Booker told us that Brock Lesnar would be taking on Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. As entertaining a match as that would undoubtedly be, it's sadly physically impossible for The Beast Incarnate to take on himself.


We're not sure exactly when it happened but their came a point where Cole and Graves gave up trying to hide the fact that they were laughing at Booker when he would make mistakes. Graves in particular would openly laugh at Booker and question him so much that it would sometimes become uncomfortable. The most amusing interactions came when Booker would angrily question what Graves knows about wrestling since he has never had a match. His announcing colleague has wrestled of course as he was an NXT Tag Team Champion, yet Booker seemed to forget that on multiple occasions.

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The main thing most fans will likely remember from Booker's time on commentary above all else are his views on Jason Jordan. Not many of us are Jordan's biggest fans right now but the former WCW Champion seemed to take a particularly dislike to Kurt Angle's kayfabe son. Even when the now former Raw Tag Team Champion was putting on great matches Booker would state that he was getting desperate or struggling. There's not liking somebody and then there's actively ignoring what they are doing. We wonder if The Coach will inexplicably dislike anyone as much as Booker dislikes Jason Jordan.

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Since Booker was still a member of the Raw announce team during Sunday night's Royal Rumble, we even got a couple more nonsensical comments out of him. That's right he was good all the way up until he was forced out of the ringside booth. During the kick off show he said that Brock Lesnar had been on a tear as of late. If our memories serve us correctly the Universal Champion has been monster handled by Braun Strowman every time he has stepped foot on Raw recently, so hardly on a tear. We saved the best for last though. During the Raw Tag Team Title match Booker said that Seth Rollins was stranded on Gilligan's Island following the inability of his partner Jason Jordan to compete. Graves burst out laughing while pointing out that Gilligan's Island was full of people. Booker didn't take kindly to being mocked. Maybe he knew it was going to be his last night on the job.


That's it folks, the very last of our Booker T nonsensical comments. As mentioned above Booker will continue to work with WWE appearing on their kick off shows and sporadically on Raw. Maybe in the future Coach or Graves will have a sick day and Booker T's services will be required once more. If and when that day comes we will be eagerly standing by with a pen and paper ready to reminisce about a time when we got to hear his ramblings every single Monday night.

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