5 INSANE Nonsensical Things Booker T Said This Week- Brock Lesnar vs Brock Lesnar

Happy new year everybody! What are everyone's new years resolutions? We're sure some of the WWE Superstars have made some for themselves. Judging by Booker T's performance behind the announce desk this past Monday night on Raw the Hall of Famer hasn't made a resolution to improve how he speaks to the world each and every week. The six-time World Champion was spouting just as much nonsense as he always does. Clearly, when it comes to the Booker T experiment on Raw it is still all systems go whether it be 2017, 2018, and honestly, we're hoping 2019 too. When WWE's flagship is lacking for in-ring action, at least you can rely on Booker's ramblings to be entertaining. Here are a few things the WCW alum said this past Monday night that left us either chuckling, scratching our heads, or both.

4. Those Are Some Funny Looking Tights

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A lot of the time when Booker T speaks on Raw, it feels like he is merely saying words and hoping that they make sense. Either that or he is just zoned out completely. It's why he makes it so hard to figure out whose side he is on in each match as he seems to flip-flop between being a babyface and a heel sometimes multiple times in a matter of minutes. While Elias was battling alongside The Miztourage on Monday night, Booker made a random comment about The Drifter "going out there with tights on." Enter Corey Graves whose primary job on Raw nowadays seems to be to pick up the pieces behind Booker. Graves quite rightly pointed out that Elias has jeans on. He has the entire time he has been on Raw Booker, keep up.


3. (Not) The First Time Ever

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The odd-couple of Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins are currently the Raw Tag Team Champions. It's not the first time we've seen something like this in WWE, not by a long way. The Rock and The Undertaker were once champions, as were Edge and Hulk Hogan, and perhaps the strangest pairing was when Stone Cold Steve Austin won the Tag Team Titles alongside Dude Love. Some of those examples, plus many others, won the championships during their first night as a team. Booker seems to have forgotten his wrestling history. On Raw this week he categorically said that this was the first time a newly formed team had been given a title shot. It's just wrong on so many levels Booker, not even close.


2. You CAN Win By Count Out Roman

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On Raw this past week Roman Reigns had to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Samoa Joe. The week before, The Big Dog got himself disqualified, which made for an added stipulation this past Monday. If Reigns did that again, he would lose his title. To be fair, that can all get a little convoluted and confusing to some people, although you would hope that the announcers were on hand to clear things up. Don't listen to Booker T though. Some of the Intercontinental  Title match this past Monday took place outside of the ring. While there, Reigns was tempted to use the steel steps, something that would have gotten him disqualified and thus lost him his title. While outside the ring, the competitors were also at risk of getting counted out. Booker yelled that Reigns can't win by count out. That's where you're wrong Booker. Why not? Someone hand that man the official WWE rulebook.


1. Brock Lesnar Vs Brock Lesnar

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This final entry is the biggest of the week not just because it was the biggest gaffe by Booker, but it was one that simply couldn't be brushed over since the announce team was performing a piece to camera at the time. The three men were promoting the WWE Network and, of course, the biggest selling point of that right now is the upcoming Royal Rumble. Booker T was given the task of telling us who would be competing for the Universal Championship. According to the announcer, the match will feature Brock Lesnar vs The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Now, that is a match we need to see! Booker laughed it off along with his broadcast colleagues and let them take the lead from that point on.


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