15 Embarrassing Photos Of WWE Stars Caught On Cell Phones

There are plenty of embarrassing moments in the life of a wrestler, with many of them taking place during their jobs. This understandable considering the ridiculous things that Vince McMahon decided for them to do. From being covered in human waste to fake marriages, there are countless moments that WWE stars would likely want to be forgotten.

Unfortunately for them, those moments are immortalized due to television. But wrestlers are also not safe when they are out in public anymore. Due to the power of social media, wrestlers are constantly exposed to potential embarrassment. The fans all own their own smartphone now and at any moment they can catch a wrestler acting out of the ordinary. They then share the photos with their followers, and the images then go viral. Once this happens, there is no going back. This is why they regret it so much when they get caught off guard.

Because of this, there are countless examples of wrestlers being snapped by fans in embarrassing moments which they will likely never want to be seen again. Whether that be having a bit too much fun at a party, acting out of character, or just being a fool, these photos are moments that the wrestlers in question will likely not want to see again anytime soon.

This list will look at 15 examples of those embarrassing moments that have been captured by fans, who have caught WWE's top stars in a moment they want to forget that made both them and the company look bad.

15 Nature Boy Passes Out

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Ric Flair has always lived his gimmick to the fullest. As 'the man' in wrestling, the Nature Boy is loved and respected by everybody in the business. As one of the greatest of all time, Flair has immortalized himself as someone you can expect to see strutting in the latest designer suits and a Rolex on his wrist.

Which is why this image of him passed out in an airport is particularly embarrassing to him as it shows him at rock bottom. How he got in such a state is unknown but alcohol was likely to have been involved to reach such a breaking point. Seeing the Nature Boy out of control and in such a state is sad to see in all reality and thankfully he has turned his life around since his close call. This image is still a signal of what can happen if you totally lose control.

14 A Little Too Randy?

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While some fans go out of their way to snap pictures of WWE Superstars in the most embarrassing moments, others (like this fan) simply want a picture with their favourite wrestler after the show. These innocent moments can still lead to equally embarrassing moments, as this photo proves.

Randy Orton stopped after his match to take an image with this particular fan. That's all fine and dandy, and the female member of the WWE Universe was likely very pleased with everything until she posted the image online. That's when a Twitter storm began and the wrestling world reacted to an incredibly embarrassing image for the Viper. Instead of looking at the camera, like you would in any normal picture, Orton chose to stare longingly at the fan's... assets.

13 Not A Sunny Day

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There are plenty of images of Sunny on the internet that reveal plenty about the former WWE Diva. She has had a rather tough time after her wrestling career, going down various dark roads to where she is at right now.

While pictures of her in certain scenarios might be embarrassing enough. But recently photos have been circulating of Sunny online with fans. That sounds innocent enough, but these fans are not normal fans. Instead these fans paid to pose with Sunny in bedroom settings. This is both strange and sad, and definitely is embarrassing, even if the whole thing was her idea to begin with!

12 Bray's Secret Romance

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Many times wrestlers find themselves in relationships with each other. There are countless examples of couples in the WWE right now, from John Cena and Nikki Bella to Carmella and Big Cass.

This takes place mostly due to how much time they spend together. But when a secret relationship is brought up, that is when things start to become surprising. That was the case when it was announced online that Bray Wyatt and ring announcer JoJo Offerman were in a relationship together. It was particularly shocking as Wyatt was actually in a long-term relationship, but fans quickly began to try and prove the rumours true. They did successfully manage to snap many pictures of the secret couple together.

11 Paige Is Thirsty

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In the Attitude Era, seeing a WWE Superstar drinking a cold one in the ring was common practice. After all, it was a major part of Stone Cold Steve Austin's gimmick. But in the modern era, that isn't something fans ever see.

Occasionally images leak of wrestlers outside of the ring enjoying themselves at a party and perhaps getting a little too tipsy, but its very rare you see it be associated with WWE. That is why this image of Paige is very shocking. She is not only drinking in a WWE setting but still wearing her ring gear. In the picture, Paige is downing a cold one at ringside, presumably from a fan whilse still in her wrestling gear with the drink dribbling down herself. This totally goes against WWE's PG programming, making this an image they would not want to be shown again.

10 The Undertaker Looking Old

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The Undertaker is one of the most protected characters in the history of the business, with very little known about the man behind the Phenom. This was one of the key reasons why the gimmick worked so well.

The Deadman became the most respected wrestler in the business by both the fans and the locker room he shared, with Undertaker providing a masterclass in how to protect kayfabe. However, as the years wore on and technology developed, fans were given a greater opportunity to catch The Undertaker out in real life. While there have been many images of 'Taker out of character in airports and coming out of shops, this particular photograph of him with a cane and not looking in the best shape is likely the main one he doesn't want people to see.

9 Santino And Cornette Get Into Altercation

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It has been widely reported and talked about for many years that Santino Marella and Jim Cornette do not get along. But throughout all that time the worst it has gotten since their incident in developmental has been some choice words for each other during interviews.

However, since he left WWE, Marella and Cornette were afforded an opportunity to meet face to face at a convention that both men attended. Some people might have acted professionally in this situation, butt this pair did not. They quickly bumped into each other and a heated argument started between them. With fans gathering and security eventually called to intervene, the incident was ugly and embarrassing for both men. It also shows just how much they despised one another.

8 Baron Corbin Scares Fan

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The Lone Wolf is one of WWE's top heels. He is a genuine heel who gains heat on a regular basis. Rather than appearing "cool" to fans and getting cheers, he is a legitimate bad guy. That is something that WWE is really lacking right now.

That is what makes Corbin stand out so much, the fact that he is a true heel. That's why he has been pushed strongly since his move to the main roster. Because of how important his heel character is, this image really stood out to fans. Seeing the former United States Champion consoling a child who had been upset at ringside made people very surprised. His entire character is supposed to make people mad or upset, so to see him checking up and hugging a fan took away from his gimmick entirely.

7 Jack Swagger Parties Hard

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WWE Superstars love to party. This is considered very common knowledge with plenty of fans seeing it first hand, reading about it in autobiographies or seeing it on Total Divas. Just because fans see it a lot doesn't mean that some images don't stand out.

This particular image of Jack Swagger showed the former World Heavyweight Champion partying a little too hard during his WWE run. In the photo, Swagger is seen to be having a great time, but when you are working for a PG company, those images are best kept private. Considering the fact that his biggest push in the company was derailed due to a wellness violation, this image likely isn't one he wants to be broadcast.

6 Titus Gets Heat For Breaking Kayfabe

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Many wrestling fans would claim that kayfabe is no longer possible in modern wrestling and that's tough to argue, especially when the wrestlers themselves are killing it. Not all embarrassing images come from the fans. Some are actually posted by those in the business.

When Titus O'Neil posted a picture on Instagram while WWE was in Europe, everything seemed fine. The wrestlers were enjoying their travels and all was well. However, when the fans took a closer look they quickly realized that Titus had made a serious mistake. The image showed Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns together, enjoying the sights with not a care in the world, despite the fact they were involved in WWE's biggest feud at the time which saw them tear each other apart.

5 Mickey Mouse Club

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WWE gimmicks are hard to keep right now due to the fact that everyone has social media and wrestlers are posting about their real lives all the time. This on top of the fact that fans are capturing any moment possible that goes against their character.

Kevin Owens is one of WWE's toughest guys who is always laying a beating on his opponents. Yet in real life, he is a true family man, something that fans have snapped proof of many times. Often visiting zoos and Disney World, it was his time in the Happiest Place On Earth where a fan caught him with Mickey's ears on his head, looking less than impressed. We're sure he was happy to be at the Magic Kingdom, but less than thrilled about having it documented.

4 John Cena Gets No Love

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John Cena is one of the most respected men in WWE history. This does not mean that fans don't enjoy booing the heck out of him. They do it every chance they get, even insulting him to the tune of his own theme song. While he is the face of the company, he definitely doesn't get very much love.

This was made clear when he threw his shirt into the crowd during a match. Usually fans clamour for the piece of memorabilia. This time, the fans threw the shirt back at Cena! Even more embarrassing is the fact this was caught by the whole audience in attendance. Cena is always a good sport, but this one had to hurt just a little bit.

3 Seth Rollins Leaks

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Many of WWE's females have had private images exposed throughout this year, but that doesn't mean that the male roster has been exempt either, with Seth Rollins being exposed by his former girlfriend. The images he had sent to a different woman caused his ex to share them all over Twitter and, of course, the WWE Universe quickly caught onto them and shared them around for all to see, adding to Rollins' embarrassment.

Rollins has always kept his private life just that, so these pictures were likely highly embarrassing to him as they came out of nowhere and left everybody shocked. With WWE being a PG company, having one of its top stars be seen nude all over the internet wasn't a good look for anyone.

2 Lillian Garcia Takes A Trip

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While the majority of this list will focus on the wrestlers themselves (hence the low ranking for this one) there have been many times when other wrestling personalities have been caught by fans in moments they would rather forget.

This image of Lillian Garcia is one of them. She is unfortunately tripping up during her entrance to the ring, during a moment that fans managed to capture. Because Garcia is such a professional at her job and one of the greatest announcers of all time, mistakes are very rare for her to make. That made this image all the more iconic because nobody was expecting to see a trip from her. While this moment was brushed off in good spirit, it is still a photo Garcia is surely embarrassed about.

1 Women's Leaks

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Sadly, there are too many of these examples to break them down into each one, as that would take up the entire list. 2017 has been a bad year for some of WWE's top women, both past and present, having countless private photos and videos leaked for the world to see.

From Bayley and Charlotte to former stars such as Kaitlyn and most famously Paige, the ladies of WWE have had a difficult time. While it wasn't the fans who took the pictures, it was certainly them who exposed the photos to the world, stealing them and showing a general lack of respect for the talent in question. Due to the content of the images, the leaks were highly embarrassing for all involved. Thankfully nobody has been too damaged by it, with everyone still working at the top level since the incidents, though they would likely wish it hadn't happened.

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