Instant Analysis of WWE Fastlane

*Spoiler Alert for the results of Fastlane!! The intro contains no spoilers and acts as a preview, but the rest of the article will reveal all the results from Fastlane!

The last big event on The Road to WrestleMania is taking us into the Fastlane. Please don't turn away, we promise that's the last Fastlane related pun. We're pulling over into a Rest Area on Fastlane puns. Okay, that's the last one.

There's plenty to look forward to tonight, like Barrett/Ambrose, Sting/HHH, and Bryan carrying Reigns. We also promise that's the last time we bash Reigns needlessly, unless he flops on the big stage.

Here's a quick breakdown of the card:

- Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan vs Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show

- Goldust vs Stardust

- The Usos vs Cesaro and Kidd

- Nikki Bella vs Paige

- Bad News Barrett vs Dean Ambrose

- Rusev vs John Cena

- Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns

- Face to Face between Sting and Triple H (we're not 100% sure where this will fall on the card)

Needless to say, there's plenty to like with this card (along with some spots that we'll assume will be pretty boring). If we were gambling men, and we are (considering this is a sports website), we'd bet that Ambrose and Barrett will steal the show, while any involvement from Big Show and Kane will have us getting another beer from the fridge. Goldust and Stardust will be an intriguing match, while we hope they don't waste Rusev's first loss on a clean Cena finish.

We still haven't even mentioned the main event, which pits fan favorite Daniel Bryan against The Big Dog, Roman Reigns. While Reigns is admittedly a little green in the ring, he deserves more credit than he receives as he works harder than most to improve. Let's hope the big stage, along with an incredible ring-mate in Bryan, brings out the best in Roman Reigns and relieves some the pressure that is mounting on him

Get ready to kick it into top gear and move into the Fastlane. Okay, that's the last one. We promise. Another warning, just in case, there will be results for each Fastlane match listed below, so spoiler alert!

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9 Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan vs Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show 

via cagesideseats.com

Firstly, we didn't even to make the first speed based joke for the actual event, as the introduction video did it for us… That makes it seem like it wasn't cool, but it really actually was. No one does a promo video like the WWE and they didn't disappoint with this one. What was lame is that Michael Cole's first words were: "We're on the Fastlane to WrestleMania!" We need J.R. back.

On to the match, and it began with Ziggler and Rollins (which we wish would've been the entire match) and they started out strong, as they're two of the strongest wrestlers in the company. As expected, the match slowed down substantially when Show was in there, but that didn't take away from it. Show can still be positive in a larger tag match, where he isn't expected to keep up the pace.

*Side note: there was some terrible commentary in the match, like Lawler saying that Big Show isn't bald, but is taller than his hair… Also, Big Show and submissions are a weird mix that shouldn't be revisited.

All in all, it was a typical tag match, albeit a strong one, as The Authority picked on Rowan for long parts of the match, before he mustered the strength to tag in Ryback who cleaned house (really impressively, he's really grown on me), before the big finish, which saw Big Show hit his knockout punch on Ziggler while the ref wasn't looking, before Kane pinned him for the victory.

After the match, Rollins curb stomped Ziggler and The Authority continued to beat them down, before the return of Randy Orton, who returned as a face, and promptly RKO'd everyone while Rollins ran away! A potential WrestleMania matchup?

Miss me? #WWEFastLane

— Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) February 23, 2015

Winner: Rollins, Kane and Big Show

Match Rating: 6.5/10 

8 Goldust vs Stardust

via wwe.com

In a promo for WrestleMania before this match, The Undertaker appeared, so we can nearly guarantee his presence at WM.

This was a match I was looking forward to, as I think Cody Rhodes is an underrated entity in the WWE. The family touch made this one interesting and seeing Dusty Rhodes is always awesome. It was a slow paced match, as Goldust is now 45 years old, but when they got things going, the exchanges were technically sound. It wasn't a show-stopping match, but it was a solid mid-card match that was an enjoyable watch.

It ended with a rollup pin fall, where the ref was slow on the count and it didn't look like a three count, as Goldust caught Stardust by surprise. After Goldust extended his hand to his younger brother, Stardust ignored it and left the ring. Goldust went to speak to his father backstage, before Stardust came and attacked his older brother and shouted at his father. A singles push seems to be on the cards for Stardust?

Winner: Goldust

Match Rating: 6/10

7 The Usos (Champs) vs Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

via youtube.com

This wasn't a standard tag match like the one earlier in the night, as they kept up an electric pace throughout. There were some truly awesome moments, like a one-legged Cesaro swing and a Samoan drop from Jimmy Uso to Tyson Kidd into the barricade. The teams went back and forth with some perfectly executed moves and even got a "this is awesome!" chant from the crowd. The match ended with Tyson Kidd hitting his finisher in the ring before the uncontested pin, giving us new Tag Team Champions! Although Cesaro needs a singles push, this was still a top shelf match and one of the better tag matches in recent memory.

Winner: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (New Champions)

Match Rating: 9/10

6 Sting and Triple H Confrontation

via wrestlesite.com

I really had no idea what to expect with this. Either this was gonna be awesome or extremely boring. Triple H came out in a leather jacket like it was 2002 and even did his awesome water spit entrance, so my hopes were very high to begin with. They met those high expectations.

Triple H cut a sharp promo before Sting came out, describing how he was not in the ring as the COO, but as The King of Kings and how he was the heartbeat of the WWE, before Sting finally emerged. There was nothing impressive about his entrance this time around, as his music hit and he simply made his way to the ring. Hunter preceded to discuss Sting's going down with a sinking ship in WCW and how he was directly involved with it.  He told him that if he walks away, he'll make his legacy live on with the WWE Network (obviously), DVDs and a Hall of Fame induction. If he didn't accept, he'd beat the rest of his legacy out of him. Pretty good start.

He said that he could tell that Sting made up his mind and then blindsided him. He hit him with the microphone and then pummelled Sting while he was on the ground. He then went to get his best friend, the sledgehammer. That's when Sting brought out the baseball bat, which caused him to throw away his Sledgehammer. Then, without any words, he pointed his baseball bat to the WrestleMania sign to show his intentions. Trips looked like he kinda accepted, but as Sting walked away, he tried to blindside him again, before Sting knocked him down with the bat and delivered the Scorpion Death Drop. He then pointed at the WM sign for good measure.

We have the match we anticipated at WM and this was a pretty cool way to announce it.

Winner: Sting (Though it wasn't really a match)

Match Rating: 8.5/10

5 Nikki Bella (Champ) vs Paige

via cagesideseats.com

Naturally, after the emotional high of the Sting/HHH encounter, we had a Divas match to watch! Paige is one of the best females in the business, so there was reason to believe this would be a good match.

*Side note: Worst comment of the night so far, "if we she were a hamburger, she'd be McGorgeous." I love you Jerry Lawler, but there were some ridiculous comments…

They did a decent job in this one, though there were few true high spots in the match. It wasn't Lita vs Trish, but it also wasn't an Ashley Massaro match either. The match ended with a roll-up pin, where Nikki Bella cheated and pulled he tights to get the three count.

Winner: Nikki Bella (Retained Championship)

Match Rating: 5/10

4 Bad News Barrett (Champ) vs Dean Ambrose

via youtube.com

Before this match, they confirmed that Triple H would be fighting Sting at WrestleMania 31! It should be a truly interesting encounter.

In terms of a pure wrestling match, on paper, this was going to be the best match of the night. Well, the wrestling was great but the ending was not.

These guys are two of the best in the business and they put on a solid match. The first half of the match saw BNB methodically manhandle Dean Ambrose, before the tide naturally changed and Ambrose brought his unique move set to the ring. They never kept the same pace at any moment in the match, as they sped up and slowed down at random, while fighting inside and outside the ring.

The ending was disappointing, and appeared to be setting up a WM match, as Dean Ambrose was disqualified for not backing off in the corner. He then beat down Barrett and stole his belt. It's safe to say that we'll get a better ending at their WM rematch.

 Winner: Bad News Barrett (Still Champ)

Match Rating: 7/10

3 The Undertaker's Return!

For a few weeks, Bray Wyatt had been cutting promos that we assumed were about The Undertaker and now Taker finally re-appeared! His disciples came out with their torches and smoke filled out the arena. Then a coffin was brought out and inside it was Bray Wyatt.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fooled by this, at least until the coffin came out. Wyatt then had an awesome promo, about how Taker was a shell of who he was and that he was now mortal. He then challenged him to a match at WrestleMania, saying he'd claim his soul at WM. He then got back in the coffin and was led away. A really cool segment which should lead to more awesome promos on the way to WM and an interesting match at the event itself.

Then we had to watch the Fastlane panel….Yawn!

Rating: 9/10

2 Rusev (Champ) vs John Cena

via youtube.com

There was reason to be optimistic and terrified going into this match. Rusev is a decently able big man and Cena, well, he's John Cena. If it was good, we'd be pleasantly surprised and cut Cena some slack. If it was bad, at least we got to see Lana for an extended period of time.

The match started slowly, as we would've expected, while the kids in the crowd chanted "Let's Go Cena!" and the angry men chanted "Cena Sucks!" Rusev dominated early, showing his incredible athleticism with a beautiful high dropkick and impressive suplexes. Cena got Rusev into the STFU after a revival, when Rusev broke out and slammed Cena, in one of the coolest spots of the match. The match ended when Cena went to the top rope, got power bombed and put into The Accolade. Cena then picked up Rusev to slam him, before Lana came into the ring and distracted the ref while Rusev knocked him in the privates. Rusev put him back into The Accolade where Cena passed out. Rusev remained undefeated while Cena wasn't beaten clean. Everybody wins!

Not an exceptional match, but not a terrible one either.

Winner: Rusev (Retained Championship)

Match Rating: 7/10

1 Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns

via angelmj06.deviantart.com

Finally, we got to see if Daniel Bryan would be in the main event at WrestleMania. If he lost this match, the universe would riot. If he would win the match, then champagne for everyone. The WWE Universe is a fickle bunch.

We had alternating Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns chants to begin the match, with the children chanting for Reigns and the adults chanting for Bryan. There was plenty of jockeying to start, as they were really pushing the "Daniel Bryan playing mind games" angle, which actually worked really well throughout the match.

The match kept a good pace throughout, with Daniel Bryan bringing the technical elements to the match and Reigns flashing his power through a variety of suplexes and clotheslines. The two actually complimented each other well and Bryan brought out the best in Reigns with his ability to carry anyone in a match (not that Reigns didn't bring plenty to the table, as he was quite good).

Bryan took control of the match after injuring Reigns' ribs or liver, before Reigns caught Bryan from the top rope and power bombed him, in one of the best spots of the match. The low point of the match was Reigns' inability to properly take (and sell) two of Daniel Bryan's acrobatic moves, as he jumped through the ropes and Reigns bungled the delivery. He caught Bryan on the third attempt and made up for it with a properly executed suplex. Reigns then gave Bryan a sloppy Superman Punch, which shows how green Reigns looks at times.

The ending was fast paced and constantly changing, as they kept doing well timed reversals to one another. Reigns kicked out of a Daniel Bryan running knee, before Bryan got Reigns into the Yes! Lock, which Reigns powered out of. Bryan then tried the running knee again, which Reigns countered with a spear to get the three count. A decent ending to a solid match.

After the match, it appeared they would fight again, but Bryan told Reigns that he better kick Lesnar's ass and shook his hand. Hopefully Bryan will fight Ziggler at WM, which would be the best match on the card and hopefully Lesnar/Reigns isn't a train wreck with two monsters trying to out-suplex each other.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Match Rating: 7.5/10

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