15 Brooke Hogan Outfits That Would Cause Her Dad To Hulk Up

It’s hard to believe that Brooke made her national television debut over a decade ago. Way back in 2005, Brooke was a feature in the reality show Hogan Knows Best. Although the reality show isn’t the easiest to watch back nowadays, it was certainly trailblazing back in the day as one of the first reality shows ever. The VH1 program was centered around Hulk and his relationship with Brooke as she tried making it in the music business. Both the show and Brooke rose to stardom early on, so much so that Brooke was even given her own spin-off briefly once the Hogan Knows Best series came to a close.

Nowadays, Brooke is living a quiet life still in her 20s if you can believe at the age of 29. She spends her days still writing music along with travelling back and forth to her mom’s place in California and her father’s home out in the Florida area. We get updates from Brooke via Twitter and Instagram – judging by her latest posts, she’s “still got it” when it comes to her looks.

In the article, we’ll take a look at some of the photos from both her past and present – both sets of pics would likely cause her father to “Hulk Up”. We’ll examine these 15 pictures in the article, enjoy and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Let’s get started!

15 The Cannes Festival

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It’s hard to believe Brooke is still in her 20s despite the fact that it seems as though she’s been around forever. After all, she made her debut on the tube way back in 2005 with the Hogan Knows Best reality show. Although she isn’t in the headlines like she once was, that doesn’t mean she isn’t hustling and this picture is a representation of that.

Brooke showed up to Cannes in France, no not at the prestigious Cannes Festival but the inaugural MIPTV event. Hogan was there representing her new series Fashion Hero, she took part in the Gala earlier in the 2017 calendar year. Fans were likely chanting “you still got it” at the sight of her fantastic attire for the night. The dress dazzled enough to make her father “run wild on you” for starring to long.

14 Smoking Post-Workout Selfie

Okay, we’re not trying to stir up some stuff here but seriously speaking, does Brooke not have the body of a WWE Diva? She’s tall, thick and muscular, the perfect formula for a WWE Superstar in the Women’s Division, surprisingly however she’s never made that jump to in-ring action only appearing as a personality in the past. Though according to some recent news, she might be making a splash in the business sooner rather than later.

According to an online report, Brooke has stated that she’s interested in launching a women’s wrestling promotion. Others have expressed interest in aiding Brooke, the likes of Roddy Piper and DDP’s daughters have also been included in starting up the promotion. With a body like Brooke’s, maybe she’ll get the urge to step into the ring as well.

13 Dancing In That Red Dress 

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The lucky son of a gun you see in the picture above is none other than the rapper Stack$, someone you’ve likely never heard of. The two did some promotional work together as the rapper was featured alongside Brooke during the release of her song Fallin, yes the same song that she was rocking that outstanding blue bikini which we’ll feature a little later in the article.

The two did some appearances together; judging by the photo above Hulk was definitely “running wild” somewhere, hopefully far away from the rapper. The two actually remain close today as Brooke posted recent photos of the two alongside one another. Stack$ is one lucky dude and if the picture above isn’t enough, just go online and take a look at some of the other photos the two have together.

12 Instagram Promo

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Well, here’s one way to sell your new song release, just put up a smoking picture in a tightly fitted one piece. She certainly knows what she’s doing in the photo even giving us a little glimpse of her backside, Hulk is surely “Hulking Up” at the visual of such a picture, though he’d be proud deep down as the promotional tactic is rather wise and let’s just say enticing.

Brooke was promoting her new song, Taste Like Summer which is available on most of the online music stores. Her career as a musician is on a lower level nowadays but she’s still going on nonetheless changing genres. Today, Hogan has switched to the world of country, something that seems a lot more suitable for her voice. Though with less recognition nowadays, many aren’t even aware she still sings.

11 Leather Outfit

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Changing genres one would assume Brooke needed to buy an entirely different ensemble of clothes. Back in her pop days, she was all about the short dresses and bikinis. Heck who can forget about that outstanding blue bikini she rocked in her video clip for the song Fallin, man was that ever epic.

She’s changed it up since converting to country and the picture above proves that although she isn’t rocking bikini wear, she still looks insanely hot, after all, she’s wearing leather pants! The visual of the outfit was a joy from the front and an even greater spectacle from the back. And oh, that tightly fitted top isn’t too shabby either, we approve of this new Brooke style but Hulk might not... brother.

10 Fourth Of July With Linda

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The photo above certainly caught the attention of her followers as she poses for the photo alongside her mother Linda. Linda herself actually has a plethora of “Not So PG” photos via Instagram herself but recently, she disposed of the account. Not to worry though, you can still find the pictures via Twitter as she’s got a ton of revealing pics, some of which are quite disturbing for a mother who’s close to 60 years of age.

What else is mother Linda up to nowadays aside from posing in bikini pics? Well, she recently put her mansion up for sale, the beautiful home located just outside of California is now once again up for grabs. She’s lowered the price by a million so at just $3.5 mill, the house can be yours!

9 Nights Out With The Ladies

Pretty lucky I got these chickies 💕

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What do women post on Instagram? Well, generally speaking, two main things; one, a selfie before a night out and two, a picture with their fella chickas. We hear on The Sportster hope you’ve somehow avoided taking a picture of your lady with her gals, if you have, kudos good sir, if you haven’t, shame on you. Remember if a lady asks you to photograph her alongside her friends just say you have to go to the bathroom, it works all the time...

Okay now back to the photo, who ever took the pic didn’t get away with it and seriously we don’t blame him either as it might be impossible to turn down a picture request from Hulk’s daughter. For one, she’s beautiful and two, well you wouldn’t want to piss her off cause her father would likely land a boot to your jaw along with a leg drop across your throat.

8 Family Boding With The Step Mom

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In 2007 the National Enquirer ran a story pertaining to Hulk’s infidelity, before he knew it, the Hulkster was getting divorced and boy did it ever take a toll. Hulk was taken for a ride by his ex-wife Linda, at the end of the settlement Linda walked away with 70% of the couple’s assets while Hulk was left with a mere $10 million. Turns out he had the last laugh with the Gawker settlement, one that Linda was not too pleased about.

Hulk would find love again shortly after the divorce and in 2010 he married Jennifer McDaniel, the woman you see alongside Brooke in the picture above. Poor Hulk just can’t catch a break and tabloids literally “ran wild” making comparisons between Brooke and her new step-mom, creepily enough, the two look eerily similar and some might say Brooke resembles her step-mom more than her actual mom. The picture above certainly doesn’t help things...

7 Beverly Hills Babe

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The paparazzi still follows Brooke around every now and then, the attention truly isn’t what it was back in the early 2000s however, she still gets some love from the media as you see in the picture above. Rocking a fantastic tightly fitted black dress, Brooke was sniped by the paparazzi walking down Beverly Hills. She loves the attention and doesn’t shy away from hanging out at the hot spots.

Ogling at her latest Instagram posts, Brooke recently revisited her favorite place on earth, Miami. We’ve seen some of Brooke’s best pics from the area and she’s often spotted back at her old stomping grounds. Looking at Brooke’s activity, she’s either in the California district alongside her mother or back in the Florida area spending time with father Hulk and those beautiful beaches.

6 Another Red Dress

Although this red dress isn’t as short as the other one in the prior entry, it’s certainly a visual on its own nonetheless. Depending on one’s cup of tea, the photo above might be even better given the fitted tightness of the dress. And hey, it’s also a plus that she’s got the yellow hair (well kind of) along with the red dress, that’s Hulkster colors people!

Hard to believe she remains single, well at least to what we know. Brooke was actually engaged at one point to a former Dallas Cowboy’, Phil Costa. The former NFLer proposed in Vegas though shortly after, the engagement was called off by the two. Brooke seems content on her own nowadays and it’s a shock nobody has snatched her up just yet.

5 The Denim Outfit

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Okay, so for the most part, Hogan would “Hulk Up” due to the steaminess of the attires, however in this outfit, he’d likely run wild for the terrible result of this denim attire that appears as though it was created by a 5th grader. We’ve praised Brooke throughout the article but in this entry, we just have to ask the question - what in the hell was she thinking wearing such an attire? Denim has never looked so darn bad, heck you’d consider never wearing denim again after seeing such a picture.

The only thing the outfit had going was the fact that it was revealing, though not even that could have saved the awful outfit. She had just made the transition to country so we’ll give her the pass, at least she redeemed herself with the leather outfit we featured a little earlier in the article.

4 White Dress Goddess

Happy hump day!

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Naturally, adding a photo of Brooke in a white dress was as easy as predicting a Hogan big boot and leg drop during one of his matches. The photo is seriously screensaver worthy featuring a white dress, a car and the hero of the photo, Brooke’s fantastic booty. She recently posted the pic a couple of months back in homage to hump day, well done Brooke, well done.

She’s got one heck of a backside and that’s been of full display among her followers via both Twitter and Instagram. Despite the fact that she’s a lesser known star nowadays, she still has a great following of over 170 K fans, which is pretty darn great. With a recent personal training certification, she’ll gain more followers with some fitness posts, some we hope she adds in the near future.

3 The Falling Video Shoot

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Whether you search “Brooke Hogan Hot” or “Brooke Hogan Bikini”, a picture that always comes up pertains to her stunning attire in the video clip for her song Fallin. Rocking a blue bikini, Brooke looked like a goddess, that shoot was arguably the best of her entire career and given the revealing shots, Hulk’s blood was likely boiling at the time.

Her career in the music business did have some bright spots - back in 2006 her track About Us alongside Paul Wall came in at number 33 on the billboard charts. The song was included one her Undiscovered album, the CD was her highest selling with 127, 000 copies sold. Brooke would release two other albums in 2009 and 2015, both not receiving the same amount of success as her first album release.

2 The Twitter Post Of Doom

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Oh Hulk, even before this post onlookers regarded his relationship with Brooke as rather creepy. This Twitter post just made things that much worse as he took a shot of an unsuspecting Brooke while writing the caption “Brooke’s legs”. As if the photo itself wasn’t bad enough, the caption certainly made things that much worse.

Of course, the tweet received lots of media attention and heck websites are still talking about the post till this day. Things got so out of hand at the time of the tweet that Brooke herself issued a statement protecting her father. The pic was likely a proud dad showing off his daughter but man did ever come out badly, especially with all of the past creepiness as well.

1 Yoga Attire

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As we stated earlier in the article, according to Brooke’s Instagram handle she’s now a certified trainer which begs the question, where in the hell are all of them yoga pants pictures? Thanks to the paparazzi and this candid pic, we’ve got at least a couple from these photos taken in the summer of 2017. Enjoying a hike alongside some shirtless dude and another chick, Brooke is seen rocking a terrific tight and high waisted pair of yoga pants. We’re salivating a little at the sight of the photo, Hulk likely isn’t however (or is he..). We can picture him just knocking down everyone that glances at the pics similar to his WWE days when he would take down several heels at once.

Seriously though, we hope more pics of Brooke and yoga pants are on its way. Whether it’s starting her own female wrestling promotion or becoming a fitness guru, we eagerly await her next move.

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