Invasion Of Privacy: 15 WWE Superstars Who Were Victims Of Hacking

WWE Superstars are globally recognizable figures. They have become famous through their association with the company and that often leaves them vulnerable to people who want to gain personal information by means of deception.

Hackers have been operating on Social Media for as long as Social Media has been a thing and what makes it even easier to be hacked now is the fact that if you own an iPhone, then all of your content is automatically backed up to the ICloud which can easily be hacked.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages have all been hacked in the past, and there are a number of WWE stars who have been victims of this, with hackers actually writing things under their name that has got them into trouble.

Pictures are another thing that many hackers like to reveal and recently there has been a number of female stars, past and present, who have learnt this first hand.

Here are 15 current or former WWE Superstars who have had their social media or even their own phones hacked by an anonymous person; a person who then decided to violate their privacy by sharing either pictures or information.

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15 Booker T

via wwe.com

Booker T is an ever-present face on WWE TV nowadays since he retired from the company as an active performer and decided to become a member of the broadcast team. Given the recent news regarding the hacking of WWE Superstars, Booker T shared the story of the time that he was hacked a few years ago.

The former World Champion stated that the hacker got into all of his Social Media accounts and even tried to access his bank account. They also shared his home address and social security number as well as many other personal details online. They also posted many racist comments. Booker said that it ripped his life apart for days because he was unable to access anything online including any money that he had in his accounts.

14 Chris Jericho

via stillrealtous.com

Being a former World Champion in WWE obviously opens you up to a lot of abuse from the WWE Universe as well as being a victim of hackers. Jericho fell victim to hackers on his Twitter page back in May 2015 and the hacker even sent explicit messages out to Triple H and Vince McMahon.

Jericho's Twitter was hacked by a group called Galvanize Mob who took control of his account and began tweeting out some explicit messages about both him and the WWE. The hacker pretended to be Jericho and sent out a number of tweets before it was made obvious that he had been hacked. Jericho managed to regain control of his Twitter quite quickly and delete the updates, but it just proves that regardless of who you are, you're not safe from hackers.

13 Dolph Ziggler

via camelcluthblog.com

Dolph Ziggler is another former World Champion who has become a victim of hackers on his Twitter account. It seems that many WWE Superstars don't have strong enough passwords and often become victims of hackers. This is sometimes only their Twitter account, which means the most they can do is write updates in their name.

Ziggler fell victim to a hacker back in August 2016 when they took over his Twitter account and began tweeting explicit updates on his behalf. Ziggler's account also tweeted both Lana and Hulk Hogan as well as sharing many comments. The tweets were later deleted as both Ziggler and WWE became aware of the situation and Ziggler then apologized for the messages that many of the WWE Universe thought were from him.

12 Summer Rae

via villains.wikia.com

Summer Rae is not currently active on the WWE roster, but she is still active on Social Media. Following the Paige scandal, there were reports that Summer Rae was set to be next. Summer herself responded that any images of her were fake before the actual images of the former NXT star were leaked.

Summer was lucky that there was only one image of her leaked, given the amount of pictures and videos of Paige that were leaked that weekend, along with many other female wrestlers during that time. Rae is yet to respond on Social Media after the images were leaked, and it seems that this could cause more problems for her as WWE looks to bring her back to the Raw roster after a lengthy injury hiatus.

11 Vader

via etonline.com

Vadar has been in the headlines recently after he stated that his health is declining. Vadar is known in many different wrestling circles and has been around the business for a number of years. Vadar himself has become the victim of hackers in his time as well.

An explicit picture of Vadar was posted on his Twitter page back in March 2016 and was quickly removed. The 60-year-old pointed the finger at his vengeful ex-girlfriend as the picture of the former WWE star spread around Social Media like wildfire. Vader removed the picture and posted an apology to his followers stating that his account was hacked by his ex-girlfriend and that he had changed all his passwords now so that it wouldn't happen again because she no longer had access.

10 Kaitlyn

via de.wwe.com

Kaitlyn is a former WWE Divas Champion. She made the decision to leave WWE back in 2014 after her feud with AJ Lee came to an end so that she could focus on other projects. Kaitlyn has since remained largely out of the spotlight since she is currently going through a break-up with her husband.

Kaitlyn has since remained focused on her clothing line, but this past weekend she was one of many other present and former WWE Divas who had their private and personal pictures leaked. It seems as though the hacker was using the women's ICloud accounts to access the images that were then shared to Instagram without their permission. Kaitlyn, Summer Rae, Melina, Victoria, Maria, and Paige's images have all been shared over the past week without their consent or permission.

9 Big E

via stillrealtous.com

Current New Day member Big E was mentioned amongst the leaked photos and videos this past weekend, but after Big E rubbished the rumours, it seems nothing more was made of it. Big E was once the victim of hackers, though, back in August 2016.

As well as Twitter and Facebook accounts, many WWE Superstars also have Instagram accounts in order to share images and videos with the WWE Universe. Big E's Instagram account was compromised during the hack and everything that he had ever posted on his account was deleted. The hacker also changed his profile picture and name on the account but didn't actually update or post anything on his profile. Big E didn't mention the hacking himself, but many eagle-eyed WWE fans noticed that all of his posts had been removed.

8 Seth Rollins

via de.wwe.com

Seth Rollins' picture scandal is one of the best-known hacks in WWE history. Back in February 2015 private and personal pictures of Seth Rollins began circulating online, after it was made apparent that Rollins' fiance had tweeted them out on her account.

This was a result of Rollins being hacked and a nude picture of NXT Superstar Zahra Schrieber was uploaded to his Instagram account. His fiance Leighla Shultz then decided to extract revenge by posting pictures of Rollins online without thinking that Rollins could have been hacked and the pictures could have then been shared without his permission or knowledge. Technically, if Rollins didn't have the pictures then hackers wouldn't have been able to share it, so really it is his own fault for trying to cheat on his fiance.

7 Stephanie McMahon

via wrestlingforum.com

Stephanie McMahon is widely considered to be the most powerful woman in WWE, but despite how powerful she is in the company, it didn't prevent her from being targeted by hackers.

Unlike many other stars on this list, Stephanie's Twitter wasn't the one targeted. Instead, it was her Facebook account. Stephanie tweeted her thanks to the WWE Universe stating that her account had been hacked and that Facebook was working on getting it fixed. This was back in November 2016, the same week that Sasha Banks' Instagram account was hacked and then deleted as WWE once again became a target for online cyber attackers. Stephanie's Instagram account was also hacked earlier in the same year, but it seems that this was once against easily fixed for The Billion Dollar Princess.

6 Melina

via pinterest.com

As already stated many times in this article, there were many pictures and videos leaked this past week that included many former and present female WWE Superstars. Former Divas and Women's Champion Melina was among them as private and personal images of Melina were leaked without her consent.

Melina has been wrestling on the Independent Circuit since she was released by WWE more than seven years ago and is yet to comment on the fact that there are now pictures of her on Social Media that are not PG. Melina was always against pictures like this and turned down Playboy many times because it was something she never wanted the WWE Universe to be able to see. Unfortunately, her pictures were leaked along with fellow former star Victoria.

5 John Cena

via gbagam.com

John Cena may be the biggest star in WWE right now and a former 16-time World Champion, but that doesn't mean that he is safe from hackers. The John Cena hack is perhaps one of the most hilarious. Back in 2014, Cena's Facebook account was hacked and rather than posting updates or rude messages, the hackers just decided to post a topless photo of an old man.

This is still one of the strangest hacking scandals that the WWE have been part of and it is something that was fixed immediately. The offending photo was then deleted. Cena himself made no comment about the hack, but it is one that has the WWE Universe both scratching their heads and laughing in unison. This definitely wins the award for the most pointless hack of the year.

4 Ryback

via starkhoji.com

Ryback has always been one of the most random people to follow on Twitter since many of his Tweets rarely make sense. But back in January 2014, The Big Guy went on a rampage on Twitter, bragging about giving Dolph Ziggler a concussion before thanking the WWE Universe for making him rich and then announcing that he had been released.

It later turned out that the police had pulled him over after mistaking his GPS for a cell phone and they had released him. Ryback then claimed the following day that his Twitter account had been hacked and that he had nothing to do with any of the tweets that were sent the night before. The tweets were later removed after Ryback began making the claims and he apologized to the WWE Universe.

3 Naomi

via wwedivadeluxex.tumblr.com

Twitter seems to be one of the easiest Social Media accounts to hack nowadays. And it seems that WWE stars are just not learning to make their passwords much harder to guess. Former SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi was another victim who had her Social Media account hacked back in 2014.

Naomi's account shared the link to an adult website before sharing out an update that said: “I never feel more racist than when trying to find my waiter at a Mexican restaurant.” There was no further mention of the tweet by the former champion after the tweet was deleted and the hacking problem was evidently solved quite easily. Naomi didn't even send out a Tweet to apologize for what was deemed a racist remark by the WWE Universe, as well as sharing that kind of link. She decided to just act like it never happened.

2 Cesaro

via wwe.com

Vince McMahon has mentioned many times that Cesaro has not being pushed as much as he should have by WWE because of his failure to connect with the WWE Universe. This has then started many rumours that there is friction between Cesaro and Vince.

Cesaro's Twitter account was hacked back in February 2015 and tweets were sent out stating that Cesaro deserved to be pushed towards that Tag Team Championship and that Vince had no idea. Cesaro also stated that he wished Vince would get cancer because he deserved to be pushed even though The Chairman stated that he lacked charisma. The tweets were then deleted from the page and Cesaro acted like they had never happened. It could not have improved his relationship with Vince at all, though.

1 Paige

via wwe.com

Paige has been on the sidelines in WWE over the past few months after she was suspended and underwent neck surgery. But she has recently become the most talked about Superstar after her private videos and images were leaked to the WWE Universe on Friday night after hackers managed to find the contents of her ICloud account and leak them through Instagram.

The videos also included New Day member Xavier Woods and former Raw General Manager Brad Maddox. And even though Paige commented on the videos when they were first leaked and posted a link to the song 'Human' it is thought that Paige is now staying out of the spotlight and hoping that the entire thing dies down before WWE decides to allow Paige to return to the company in the coming months.

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