Is A.J. Styles More Comfortable As A Heel?

A.J. Styles looks to be having a lot of fun with his heel turn that started back when he went up against John Cena and in an interview with NBC Sports, he was asked if he is more comfortable as a heel. to which he responded:

"Absolutely. Regardless of whether John Cena gets booed or whatever it is, he's still the ultimate babyface. He's still a huge piece in this giant puzzle that is the WWE. So for me to be the heel against John Cena was perfect for A.J. Styles.

It was perfect for what I needed to do... It was easier because I think everyone that's been a great babyface, aside from John Cena, has been a heel at one point. I think being a better heel, a better bad guy, makes you a better babyface in the long run."

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Is A.J. Styles More Comfortable As A Heel?