Is a Physical WWE Hall of Fame Being Built?

Think about it, fellow wrestling fans. How much would we love for a physical WWE Hall of Fame to be built? Having been to the hockey and baseball halls of fame, I pray for the day the WWE gives us one to look through classic pieces of wrestling history, honoring our favorites and providing cool activities to do. Well, it seems we're getting very close to a WWE Hall of Fame being built in Orlando, Florida.

The New York Post reported in January of 2014 that NBCUniversal was interested in doing it as part of retaining WWE programming. Triple H is among the key figureheads spearing the campaign for a physical hall. The prevailing theory is that it would be in the Orlando area, but there may be more coming to the city, particularly at Universal Studios.

Universal Studios announced this week that they are closing NBA City at Universal City Walk in Orlando. The venue will close in August, when the lease expires.

The theme park wesbite, reports that a WWE themed restaurant is possible at this location.

A physical Hall of Fame would be awesome, but I shudder to think if a WWE themed restaurant would be another disaster, much like 'WWF New York'.

Some suggestions if a restaurant opens up to make it a success - a section of the restaurant should be called 'Suplex City' with a huge 3D graphic of Brock Lesnar eating a meat tray. Beers should cost an affordable price of $3.16. The kitchen should be an open concept with a graphic of The Rock saying 'If you smell what we're cooking". Oh, speaking of The Rock, pie and strudel should definitely be fixtures on the dessert menu. Lastly, absolutely no Hulk Hogan 'Pastamania' themes whatsoever.

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Is a Physical WWE Hall of Fame Being Built?