Is AJ Styles Getting A Title Soon?

AJ Styles reportedly received major praise from Vince McMahon for his work with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules. McMahon has come to realize that Styles can be counted on in major matches (welcome to the party, Vince). The chairman also respects how Styles proved himself around the world and likes how he carries himself.

Due to all his great work this year, the Daily Wrestling News is reporting there is talk of putting a title on Styles by the end of this year. As far was what title it would be, that may depend on the upcoming draft.

On a related note, plans for Styles to turn heel were implemented a few weeks ago due to the lack of top heels on the main roster. WWE originally wanted to bring Rollins back as a babyface, but decided to keep him heel no matter how his feud with Reigns goes. There are  also plans for The Club to get involved in the Rollins vs. Reigns championship match at Money in the Bank.

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Is AJ Styles Getting A Title Soon?