Is Big Show a Heel or a Face? Don't Worry, We Don't Know Either

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It's been reported from this week's SmackDown tapings that the Big Show once again turned face by knocking out Authority teammate Kane during a tag team match against Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

How many turns does that make now in Big Show's career? Well, it's probably too much to count, but it's at least one heel or face turn every year since his WWE debut in 1999. Is the WWE creative team doing this on purpose? Do they think it's a funny joke to pull on Big Show, so he's constantly confused as to whether he's a heel or face?

Either way, the Big Show has had trouble getting strong crowd reactions in recent years, due to the WWE creative team constantly making the switch, so much so that fans don't care anymore.

Poor old Big Show is being controlled by a mean kid called the WWE creative team.

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