Is Daniel Bryan Injured Again??

via bleacherreport.com

Rumor has it that Daniel Bryan might be out of competition for a chuck of time, though we can't say that with any certainty yet. Speculation grew when Bryan didn't wrestle for the second straight Monday Night Raw and instead only appeared to cut a short promo. According to Wrestle INC, it might be time for the YES! Nation to start panicking...

Apparently, he's having issues with the neck injury that forced him to vacate the WWE Championship after last year's WrestleMania. Bryan has continued to perform throughout their European tour, but it hasn't been high intensity matches and it hasn't been on Raw. Bryan hasn't been removed from the card at Extreme Rules yet, so perhaps he's just being rested to avoid further injury.

As more news breaks, we'll be certain to update you on his condition.


The WWE has issued the following statement:

"Daniel Bryan has been pulled from the remainder of the UK tour as a precautionary measure."

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