Is Daniel Bryan Returning To The Ring???

There's been speculation regarding a Daniel Bryan return since Bryan and The Miz got into a heated confrontation on "Talking Smack" earlier this week. While Bryan retired because WWE wouldn't clear him to wrestle, the WWE had reportedly not ruled out a possible Bryan in-ring return.

Forbes' Anthony DiMoro has reported that WWE is planning on continuing the angle of wrestlers calling out Bryan for not being able to wrestle. Here's more from Forbes' report: "WWE knows it’s a hot button topic with fans and will continue to tease a Bryan return. While, at this time, it still remains unlikely that Bryan returns to the ring in the future, WWE has “not completely shut the door on a Daniel Bryan return to the ring”.

While it's very unlikely Bryan does return, considering several doctors but WWE's cleared him. As Lloyd Christmas would say, "so, you're telling me there's a chance..."

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Is Daniel Bryan Returning To The Ring???