Is Daniel Bryan Trying To Get Out Of His WWE Contract And Wrestle Again?

via pwmania.com

A couple of months ago, the WWE Universe experienced one of the most heart-felt and emotional nights in recent memory when Daniel Bryan announced his retirement in Seattle on Monday Night RAW.

Soon after that it was being reported that the WWE had pulled Bryan from upcoming events because he had asked for some "time off." However, the rumor going around, according to DailyWrestlingNews.com, is that Bryan is looking to get out of his WWE contract and is refusing to make any appearances until they reach an agreement on the issue.

Now, on one side there are those saying that he wants out just because he wants to be free of any obligations and has no intentions of wrestling again. However, there are also those saying that he wants out because, despite the health concerns, Bryan really wants to get back in the ring.

And on that note, it is also being said that New Japan Pro Wrestling is very interested in giving Bryan lots of cash if he ever does get out of his contract and decides to wrestle again. Which of course, if it ever did happen, would be huge news!

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