Is Drew McIntyre Getting Called Up To The Main Roster?

McIntyre lost his NXT Championship at TakeOver: WarGames, but does this signal that he's headed to one of the big brands in the near future?

It didn't take long for Drew McIntyre to lose his NXT Heavyweight Championship. Winning the title off of Bobby Roode before Roode was called up to the main roster, there was no reason to assume that McIntrye wouldn't have a long and successful run with the title. Instead, at NXT TakeOver: WarGames, Andrade “Cien” Almas took the belt to surprise everyone in the audience and WWE Universe.

The match itself was overshadowed by the WarGames main event inside the cage and few would have considered it to be a match of the night candidate, but that's exactly what it was with a shocking ending.

"Cien" Almas hasn't exactly been on a hot streak in NXT. Often underrated and overlooked, he was a big "get" when he debuted in NXT but arguably hasn't lived up to his potential. That being said, perhaps the title change is more about McIntryre losing than Almas winning. Meaning, McIntrye might be on a different trajectory than the NXT main event scene.


Social media was buzzing the minute the title change happened. Many believe that McIntryre's loss is only short-term pain because he'll be called up to the WWE main roster in short order. It would make some sense.

Via Wrestling-News.Net

McIntrye is exactly the prototypical WWE Superstar. He's big, he's charismatic and he's got experience on the WWE roster having been with the company before. Where he will land and who he'll be placed in a program with is uncertain, as is whether or not this title change means McIntyre is done in NXT.

Congratulations go out to Andrade "Cien" Almas but most eyes will now be on McIntrye who may not be a part of NXT now that he's no longer the NXT Champion. It was a great match and it was a surprise ending that had the WWE both shocked and excited.


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Is Drew McIntyre Getting Called Up To The Main Roster?