Is Hulk Hogan Coming Back For WrestleMania 33?

Let's be honest - it wasn't a matter of "if", but "when" Hulk Hogan would return to WWE. After Hogan's sex tape and subsequent racial slur-filled tirade were released by Gawker Media, WWE cut ties with Hulkamania, removing his name and a ton of footage of his from the WWE Network.

From the get-go, it was speculated that Hogan would return to the WWE family; after all, he's a huge reason the company is what it is today. From name-dropping to using his voice and footage for video packages, it seems like the WWE is ready to welcome back the Hulkster now that the Gawker case is settled.

RingsideNews.com is reporting that if Hulk Hogan were to return, he would do so around WrestleMania 33. Although there are still concerns of potential backlash, especially from the African-American community and sponsorships, the WWE believes that, as more time passes, the possibility of any serious repercussions from a Hogan return is unlikely.

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