Is Paige Leaving The WWE?

Ever since Paige and Alberto Del Rio started dating, it seems as though whenever a story comes out about one of them, it isn't long before a story comes out about the other.

A few weeks ago, there was a story about Del Rio getting suspended by the WWE for violating the Wellness Policy and, sure enough, it was announced shortly after that Paige had suffered the same fate.

So, if you are like me, when the news broke that Del Rio had given the WWE notice that he was leaving the company, you couldn't help but wonder if Paige would be going as well. It probably seemed like a crazy thought, given how much Paige has already accomplished in NXT and the WWE at such a young age, but it actually isn't looking that crazy after all.

CageSideSeats.com is reporting a rumor, saying that there is real speculation that Paige will be leaving the WWE. And apparently, the rumors are that she has even hired lawyers to "explore" her options.

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