Is The Undertaker Coming To SmackDown?

The Undertaker was reported to have retired following his match with Shane McMahon at WrestleMania, as word was he had informed Vince he was done. However, there have been some hints this week that The Undertaker may be coming back after all.

Recent photos of The Undertaker holding a cane had led to speculation that he was in bad shape, but that speculation has been squashed, as he was holding a fan's decorative cane to pose like Godfather.

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Next, photos surfaced of The Undertaker and Shane McMahon hanging out at an Austin, Tx. bar It should be noted SmackDown took place in Austin Tuesday night and Austin is where 'Taker lives.

Living my childhood dream getting to take a quick pick with the legend himself "The Undertaker" standing next to him with Shane McMahon. This is just Awesome!! #WWE#undertaker#legend#bigfan

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The key here is that 'Taker has dyed his hair black, which is what he normally does when he's set to make a return to WWE. 'Taker and Shane hanging out could have easily just been two friends grabbing a few drinks. The fact that Shane is the on-screen Commissioner of SmackDown only fuels speculation.

'Taker's family was at SmackDown Live on Tuesday night and his wife Michelle McCool also posted a hint of her husband returning to the SmackDown brand. She posted this picture of signs her and her daughters brought to the show and hashtagged 'bluebrand'.

A photo posted by Michelle McCool-Calaway (@mimicalacool) on

Finally, a final piece of speculation would be that if 'Taker returns to SmackDown, he would be there until WrestleMania 33, and would have his retirement match with John Cena, who's also on the blue brand.

SummerSlam is this Sunday and 'Taker has a fresh coat of black hair. Hmm....

Again, this is all speculative, but there's enough of it online right now that it's worth mentioning. What do you make of all this?

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