Is The WWE Interested In Signing A.J. Syles?

The WWE has previously been pretty lukewarm at best on the possibility of signing A.J. Styles, but the company may be changing their minds. The WWE didn't exactly pounce on Styles following his TNA departure but are now seeing the value he has.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, with the WWE set to have three touring brands by 2016 (two for the main roster, one for NXT), they want to beef up their roster as much as possible with quality talent. Styles is now the IWGP Champion in New Japan, but the WWE is interested in bringing him in.

About to turn 38, Styles would provide some great experience and it'd be great to see him tangle with the likes of Neville, Cesaro or NXT talents like Kevin Owens.

Giving Styles a role similar to that of Samoa Joe would likely be the best fit for him. I'd worry that Styles would get lost in the shuffle on the main roster and shackled creatively. Should he join NXT though, he'd have more freedom to work his style and could be a regular main eventer. If he were given a similar role to Joe, perhaps he could still work indie dates, as he's still in high demand across that scene.

Either way, Styles has been one of the best wrestlers of this millennium and hasn't gotten the attention he deserves because he hasn't made the jump 'up north' as they said back in the territory days.

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Is The WWE Interested In Signing A.J. Syles?