Is This Former Heavyweight Champion Actually Coming Back??

This is quite possibly the most ludicrous news of the last few months, which is insane considering some of the ridiculous that have happened over that time period (like this). Apparently, The Great Khali is returning to the WWE, which makes no sense considering that they already have too many performers and no one ever cared about him. What makes this news fishy is that it was broken by, which isn't the most reputable site. On top of that, they mention that it's been two years since he's been in the ring, when it's only been six months, so we need to be highly skeptical of any information they provide. They also stated that he wasn't let go from the WWE but that he voluntarily decided to leave, though Wrestling, a far more reputable site, claim that the WWE chose not to renew his contract.

Let's just hope this isn't actually true and that we won't be subjected to watching any more matches involving The Great Khali. It's bad enough that we have to watch Big Show slowly make his way around the ring.

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Is This Former Heavyweight Champion Actually Coming Back??