Is This Really Damien Sandow's New Gimmick??

Apparently, since Curtis Axel's new gimmick consists of him ripping off Hulk Hogan (it's actually kind of funny), the WWE decided to reunited The Mega Powers. Fresh of his buzz as The Miz's stunt double, which he somehow made work, they decided that Damien Sandow's next move would be for him to imitate Macho Man Randy Savage. On yesterday's Raw, we got a second taste of "Macho Mandow" fighting Axelmania, before The Ascension interrupted (the exact same scenario played out at a taping of Main Event last week that will be aired this week on WWE Network). This is obviously trying to set up a tag team feud between them before these two teams are a part of the Elimination Chamber event at the end of May on WWE Network.

Sandow had this to say to his detractors:

...and to my critics in and out of WWE. Remember, I'm the guy that made being a stunt double work. Play the hand you are dealt. Go forward.

— Damien Sandow (@TheDamienSandow) May 12, 2015

Look, if anyone can make this work, it's Sandow, but when will the WWE stop dealing him garbage hands? With the IC title being vacated, this would've been a great time to push Sandow with that title, before having him feud with The Miz upon his return. Let's hope this gimmick doesn't last too long because even though it's entertaining, it's not really forwarding Sandow's career.

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