Is Vince McMahon Planning On Stepping Back In WWE?

If you thought that WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was fully prepared to hand over full control of the company to his children and Triple H, then think again.

Speaking with, (via WrestleZone), Vince McMahon brushed off any talk that he's "slowing down." He told that "this is not's all a big family."

He also said that he doesn't slow down at his age (71), because "its something he loves and has the passion for," and that he "can't get enough of it."

Also of note, he told them that there isn't a match that he wish he put on at WrestleMania that never happend (uh...hello, Sting vs. Undertaker?!). And when asked if he missed being on television? He said no and added these words...

"I love to help create new stars and tweak this and help them grow here...It takes an extraordinary amount of energy to be able to do that. Trying to both is difficult. It really 


He also refused to discuss if he has plans for a main-eventer in 2018, and who it would possibly include.

Mr. McMahon has been in the WWE business for most of his life, is worth a billion and is now in his 70s. You have to respect the man for choosing what really is "work," over yachts, cars, limousines, jets and vacations.


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Is Vince McMahon Planning On Stepping Back In WWE?