Is Vince McMahon Willing To Sell WWE?

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon inherited the wrestling business from both his grandfather and his father. One would think that he wants the family to hold onto the business for life, as he's groomed children Stephanie and Shane McMahon to run it accordingly. He's worked side-by-side with son-in-law Triple H to run the company smoothly.

Even though his children and The Game seem thrilled about taking over the business, Mr. McMahon dropped a bomb with news that he'd be willing to sell it.  According to Nick Paglino from WrestleZone.com, here's how it went down during an earnings call:

"Vince answered by saying the company is open to anything, but he stressed that controlling the company’s destiny is very important. He added he’s unsure how much control they would lose if they sold the company, but at the end of the day they are business people so they are open to listening to any offers, especially the kind 'you can’t refuse.'"

Though listening to any offers and actually looking to sell it are two different things, this is something to keep an eye on closely. The fact McMahon mentioned this at the age of 71 may suggest his children aren't all that thrilled about holding onto the WWE much longer.

Perhaps Donald Trump will enter another storyline where he "buys" the company then sells it back to McMahon a day later.

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