WWE Interested In "Broken" Matt Hardy?

When Matt Hardy walked away from WWE back in 2010, it was thought that the former Cruiserweight Champion would never return to the company after leaving on less than pleasant terms.

Since then Hardy has become one of the stand-out performers on the current TNA Brand since he has taken creative control of the Broken Matt Hardy character.

It seems WWE are now interested in signing that character. Matt Hardy's TNA contract expires in the Spring and even though Hardy now controls all of his bookings and his schedule, it is thought that he would be open to returning to WWE if the schedule is much less hectic than it used to be.

As of right now, it seems that WWE have only sent out feelers to see if Matt Hardy would be open to a return to the company where he spent almost 12 years of his career. Hardy is still yet to comment on the situations, but fans have already openly approved the idea of having a Hardy back on WWE TV.

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WWE Interested In "Broken" Matt Hardy?