Is WWE Motivated To Fix Smackdown?

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For years, SmackDown was many WWE fans favorite show to watch. This show was once led by main eventing stars like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker and others, and was really a must-see show. However, in recent years, the show has taken a lot of steps back. Since the brand split ended, the show has been unnecessary for fans to watch for a multitude of reasons. The results of show can be read on Tuesdays before it airs later in the week, so fans can read if there is anything that they can't miss or any storyline progressing events.

However, the WWE seems to be taking SmackDown seriously since the move to the USA Network. The quality of the show has gotten better. There have been appearances by Brock Lesnar and Triple H, combined with some progression on feuds, like the one between AJ Styles/Chris Jericho.

Recently, WWE ran a Twitter poll, asking if the WWE Universe has enjoyed recent SmackDowns, proving that they are attempting to make SmackDown a better product.

We're unsure what their motivation for this. I mean, of cours,e they would like SmackDown to be as great as it once was, but the effort hasn't been there  for a while until now. It could be that the USA Network are pushing the company to bring in better ratings for SmackDown. Not that SmackDown has terrible ratings in comparison to other shows on cable TV, but it is likely held to higher standard.

This could eventually lead the WWE to making Smackdown a live show, as this is one of the top gripes fans have with the show. Spoilers are all over the internet, so there becomes little need to want to watch the show, when knowing exactly what's going to happen. Making the show live would help eliminate that issue. On top of that, since it's taped, the WWE adds in terribly obvious crowd noise, to make it sound like the fans like Roman Reigns. We want the pure sound of the crowd, not the sounds WWE want us to hear.

It's also possible that the WWE will go with a brand split eventually that would allow some stars to be the main event of their show. It's difficult to have guys like Kevin Owens in the main event with the overload of talent right now, but a brand split could solve that. The roster will only get more crowded the more that the WWE calls up NXT stars.

This could spell great things for the future. What changes do you see the WWE making for SmackDown? Will they make any drastic changes?

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