It Might Surprise You That Vince McMahon Is A Big Fan Of This Tag Team

via ringside247.com

Given how little we have seen of Breezango, you would assume they don't have much support from the higher-ups in the WWE. Also, neither Tyler Breeze nor Fandango got much of a push at all when they were solo.

However, CageSideSeats.com is reporting that, even in their limited time together, it has been enough to make one big fan in the organization - and the most important fan at that - Vince McMahon.

Yup, supposedly Mr. McMahon likes Breezango and not only will they stay together in the upcoming draft, but they will also be getting a makeover to make them more serious.

And no, there is no news as to whether that "makeover" will include a better team name.

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