Jack Swagger Begins MMA Career With Bellator

Since Jack Swagger was released from WWE in March of this year he has been working the indies, but now has taken his career in a different direction.

Jack Swagger was an exception to the rule when it came to present-day wrestlers in WWE. For the most part, today's Superstars have had to ply their trade on the independent circuit before earning a place on the roster, or at least come through NXT. Swagger turned up before NXT existed and was an amateur wrestler plucked straight out of college by the company.

Earlier this year though, and 11 years after being signed, Swagger was released from WWE. His career has sort of worked in reverse and it's only now that Swagger has gotten a taste of the indies. He seems to be enjoying it though and recently revealed how he is looking to follow in the successful footsteps of Cody Rhodes who has proven that ex-WWE stars can make a real impact in the indies.


Wrestling won't be all that Swagger is getting up to in the coming months however. On Monday morning it was announced during The MMA Hour that Swagger had signed a contract with Bellator. Bellator then quickly followed that up by posting a video of Swagger signing his contract. Swagger said during the video that he will perform under his real name Jake Hager and signed off with a catchphrase he made famous in WWE, "We, the people."

Swagger will become the latest in a long line of wrestlers who have tried their hand at MMA. He also won't be the only competitor signed to Bellator currently working wrestling's independent circuit as former WWE star Bobby Lashley has been doing that for a number of years. Hopefully Swagger's amateur background will lend itself to the world of MMA, and after some training he will be able to make a real go of it inside the octagon.


Despite being a World Champion with WWE, Swagger's time with the company unfortunately fizzled out as he slowly but surely slipped down the card. It's great to see him enjoying so much success outside of pro wrestling's top company, and judging by the video he seems pretty pleased to be stepping into the world of MMA.

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Jack Swagger Begins MMA Career With Bellator