Jake Hager Calls Out WWE Star, Then Tells Another To Ditch Company

Social media banter is nothing new. But, it's not often a star from one promotion tells a star from another to simply bail.

That's exactly what Jake Hager did when he took aim at WWE's Lana and then told her real-life husband to ditch WWE. In fact, not only did he say he should bail, he called WWE an a--hole company in the process.

In an odd tweet that mixes both storyline and real life, Hager chimed in on a bit of a spat between Rusev and a fan who was calling for WWE to bring an end to the Lana, Bobby Lashley and Rusev storyline where Lana and Lashley are having an on-screen affair. While Rusev and Lana are still together in real life, the story has supporters and haters among the WWE Universe.

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The fan — in what has to be considered a jerk move because he @ all three Superstars — said:

"Dear @wwe if you want to just drop the @RusevBUL @fightbobby and @LanaWWEangle with literally no explanation... I’m good with that. Just walk away and pretend the angle never happened. No backlash, we’re good.

Because Rusev had the tweet sent directly to him and he saw it, he simply responded with, "Dear, guy .... nobody cares what you are good with." It was a response that made sense because if anyone should have an issue with the storyline, it would be Rusev considering he's being forced to watch his wife make out with another man on television every week.

Then from out of nowhere, Hager chimed in and said, "Leave her and that a--hole company. #ImWithAEW."

Not Sure What Hager Was Trying To Do Here

Clearly none of Hager's business, he decided to weigh in on the conversation anyways. Why, is unclear. Was he simply trying to promote how great AEW is with storylines that aren't so juvenile? Was he looking out for a friend in Rusev? Was he taking a shot at WWE?

Maybe he was trying to do all three things but Rusev hasn't responded, that we know of yet.

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