James Ellsworth Interferes With Historical Impact Vs WWE Match

James Ellsworth has returned to the independent scene following his run with WWE and he arrived with a bang, interrupting in a championship match.

While the run of James Ellsworth in WWE was entertaining while it lasted, even the man himself will probably tell you that he was there longer than he ever could have imagined. It began with a squash match against Braun Strowman and after the fans took to him following that one appearance WWE had no choice but to sign him to a contract.

Some WWE Title shots later and a stint as Carmella's lap dog, and the decision was made to release Ellsworth from his contract. It was a hell of a run and ever since being let go the former WWE Superstar has been eagerly awaiting a time where he could return to the independent circuit. Well, that day came this past weekend.


On Sunday night, WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne went head to head with Impact Wrestling's Austin Aries, in a pretty unique WWE vs Impact match up. The two of them were battling for the Destiny Wrestling World Championship but didn't get the chance to find out who the better man was. That's because James Ellsworth interrupted and attacked Dunne, thus costing A-Double the matchup.

Ellsworth interfered in the match because he wanted to cash in his Santino Cobra Cup, an item he used to strike the British star over the head with. Unfortunately for the cup holder, it was going to take more than that to keep Dunne down. The Bruiserweight got his own back on his attacker swiftly and quickly delivering a Tombstone Piledriver to Ellsworth. Now that he has the honor of being able to say he wrestled in WWE Ellsworth will likely be involved in some higher profile indy matches, and they don't get much more high profile than Dunne vs Aries.


While life on the independents won't be the same as the time he spent on them before he arrived in WWE, Ellsworth likely wasn't expecting an introduction like this one. In fact, judging by the list he created he had plans to carry on his gimmick of being beaten up by female wrestlers. There is still plenty of time for that though we guess.

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James Ellsworth Interferes With Historical Impact Vs WWE Match