James Ellsworth Cuts Sexist Promo, Get's Beaten Up & Dumped

SmackDown Live in Manchester was not the greatest of nights for Ellsworth who got placed in a match with female competitor Becky Lynch and ultimately destroyed, submitting to her finisher then dumped by Carmella.

This is not the first time Carmella has sent Ellsworth to the curb. On a previous episode of SmackDown Live in September of this year, Carmella called Ellsworth pathetic and left him in the ring, only to then kiss him backstage, accept him back and turn him into a veritable slave, barking and begging like a dog. Is Carmella playing with Ellsworth again? Or, is she finally done, disappointed in his ability to produce positive results and appalled by his stance on the women of the WWE?


On Tuesday's SmackDown Live, it started when Ellsworth told Becky Lynch backstage that the WWE Revolution was really just a farce and that if Raw were to raid SmackDown Live, Becky would be the first person to hide behind Ellsworth. "You're in a city called Manchester, not 'Womanchester'" he said. He continued on that men are superior in every way. He went on to suggest that the ring is no place for a woman and that he'd prove tonight he was the better "man".

Lynch responded with "those are some pretty ballsy statements, considering you don't have any."

Lynch then went on to face Ellsworth in the ring, a match which turned into an impromptu lumberjack match with female WWE competitors surrounding the ring and one in which Lynch dominated her male opponent.


She made Ellsworth submit to the dis-arm-her and for good measure, Carmella super kicked her boy toy.

One has to wonder if this is a way to phase Ellsworth out of the storylines, or if there is more going on in this situation. Rumors are that his contract with the WWE was short-term and perhaps they've determined that he's a disposable piece. If this is a storyline, it could all be a setup eventually leading to Carmella cashing in her Money in the Bank briefcase.

Time will tell as Carmella joins the women of SmackDown Live at Survivor Series. Will she have Ellsworth by her side, or won't she?


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