Watch Women Superstars Hit James Ellsworth With Famous Finishers From The 90s

James Ellsworth is public enemy number one after his sexist promo on SmackDown Live, and he's paying for it at house shows as well.

Whether he's leaving WWE after his one-year contract expires or he's just playing a role given to him by the WWE, James Ellsworth has become the resident punching bag for the female competitors of the WWE SmackDown Live roster. It started when he opened his mouth to Becky Lynch and suggested there was no place for women in wrestling (to which she made him tap out in a WWE sanctioned match) and at WWE live events since he's been taking a beating from the entire female roster.

At a recent WWE event, the ladies had a little fun with Ellsworth as they took turns delivering finishers made famous by WWE Legends such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Too Cool's Scotty Too Hotty and others. Ellsworth took his beating "like a man" and the WWE crowd seemed to enjoy the spectacle.


The segment started when Ellsworth tried to make amends with Carmella. For those in the WWE Universe who watched SmackDown Live this past Tuesday, they'll know that Carmella was none too pleased with Ellsworth's treatment of the female roster. Carmella ended up superkicking him and leaving him laying in the ring. She's continued to show her disgust at these WWE house shows and his plea for her to come back fell on deaf ears.


Whether this angle is meant to just poke fun at Ellsworth or is being built into a swerve involving Carmella cashing in her Money in the Bank briefcase for a shot at the SmackDown Live Women's Championship is unknown, but it's a solid role for Ellsworth considering where he started from.


An enhancement talent who was brought in to the company in an effort to show Braun Strowman's dominance, somehow Ellsworth struck a chord with the WWE audience and was offered a one-year contract. After getting a couple undeserved shots at the WWE Championship, Ellsworth's character seems to have dropped in popularity after he separated from his storyline with AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. In recent weeks, his connection to Carmella seems to be fading.

This could be a sign that WWE is thinking about letting Ellsworth's contract expire and this last storyline of him focusing on gender inequality is a way to see if they can't strike one more nerve with the fans and make him another Superstar worth watching.


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Watch Women Superstars Hit James Ellsworth With Famous Finishers From The 90s