Why Jason Jordan Is The Perfect Heel For Raw

One of the most highly anticipated reveals in WWE during 2017 was the build to finding out about Kurt Angle's deep dark secret. For weeks it was teased on Raw that the show's General Manager had a secret that could potentially ruin not only his career but also his home life. Weirdly the only other person who knew the details of it was Corey Graves which likely threw fans off the scent a little. The secret was finally revealed to be that Angle had a long lost son and he was competing in WWE. That son was Jason Jordan, and when the former American Alpha member came through the curtain it was as if the entire WWE Universe let out a collective groan.

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Most of us gave the angle a chance though. Maybe there was a big, elaborate story line planned for the whole thing that would lead to one of the most memorable moments of 2017. Unfortunately though with each passing week it became clearer and clearer that there didn't seem to be a plan at all. Jordan just went about his business as a singles star losing most of the time but keeping a big, cheesy smile on his face. Meanwhile over on SmackDown Live the abandoned Chad Gable was demonstrating why exactly he should have been the one selected for Jordan's role as Angle's son.

It wasn't until the week before Survivor Series, so around four months after the initial reveal, that it seemed as if something of substance was starting to unfold. Angle put Jordan into Raw's Survivor Series team when he really wasn't the best option. That's when Triple H decided to step in and take the spot for himself. For a week or so things began to blow up between all three men and it looked as if we were finally going somewhere. That was until The Game disappeared again and forced the story line to be packed away into storage, presumably until he returns for his WrestleMania run.

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Jordan's push by WWE with no substance to back it up has since led to the fans turning on the former NXT Tag Team Champion. It's amazing at this point that Vince McMahon and the rest of the creative team at WWE can't see things like this coming from a mile away at this point. You can't slot an undeserving guy or girl into a higher place on the card without giving them a reason to be there. What's even worse about this is that they expect the fans to immediately love him. As we've seen so many times before the fans have turned against him and Jordan was getting audibly booed every time he came to the ring.


The most famous case study of this happening in recent history is Roman Reigns. The mistake WWE made with The Big Dog was they put their fingers in their ears and powered through. That can't happen with Jordan. If a Superstar is getting booed then that is a sign that you should turn him heel, not give the poor guy a babyface script to read and make him look like an idiot as he tries to ignore the hatred from the WWE Universe as that will only make things worse. On top of the fans already disliking him, Jordan has that smarmy, self-entitled charm about him, all perfect ingredients for a heel persona.

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For the past month or so it seems as if WWE aren't going down the Roman road with Jordan and are instated beginning to embrace the boos. Jordan is currently a Raw Tag Team Champion alongside Seth Rollins and is making out that he has replaced Dean Ambrose as the third member of The Shield. It has led to some pretty amusing moments so far and is the perfect path to becoming a fully fledged heel. He has that, the aforementioned smarmy charm, and of course he can manipulate his GM father into giving him what he wants in terms of matches and title shots.

The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to making Jason Jordan a perfect heel is perhaps the most important one. There have already been glimpses of Angle's judgement being clouded when it comes to booking his son. Jordan has already managed to get opportunities he doesn't perhaps deserve and that could continue down the road to WrestleMania. Triple H may have to step in once again and begin the build to a match between he and Angle at WrestleMania 34. Jordan could keep making the situation worse with the fans begging Angle to see his son for what he is. If you really want the cherry on the cake the final reveal could come on the Raw after WrestleMania where Jordan admits that he isn't Angle's son and it was all a stunt to elevate his career. That would take heel Jordan and make him a monster heel heading into the bulk of 2018.

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