Following news that Dean Ambrose suffered a legitimate injury, WWE might use Jason Jordan to fill in that position for The Shield.

The Shield can’t seem to catch much luck since it was decided to reunite them. First, Roman Reigns goes down with a case of the mumps and it ruins their first match back together as a group and rushed the in-ring return of Kurt Angle. Then, Dean Ambrose is learned to be nursing a serious elbow injury and this past Monday on Raw, he was written off of television so that he could undergo surgery.

If the WWE plans to have Seth Rollins continue to wrestle tag matches, he’ll need a partner now that his running mate is down and out. One might expect that it would be Reigns, but as the Intercontinental Title holder, he’s already got a full plate. Rumors are, WWE has chosen a replacement for Ambrose in the Shield and it’s an unlikely name— Jason Jordan.


Despite having a point of contention with Reigns and Seth Rollins, and despite the fact that he’s not being very well received by the WWE Universe right now, WWE has selected Jason Jordan to take Ambrose’s place in the Shield. He’ll be teaming with Rollins at live events and potentially on television as Rollins’ partner.

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If the WWE is wise, they’ll try to limit this partnership only to house shows. Jordan’s lack of popularity with the WWE Universe could actually be detrimental to a team that the WWE Universe loves. With the reunion of the Shield already gone off the rails slightly, they are not in a position to take on just anyone and have the WWE Universe accept it.

In the past, The Shield has called upon the likes of Angle and Triple H to fill in and those two acts have a built-in following including components of nostalgia that make the idea work. Jordan has been a figurative flop since being introduced as Angle’s son and he’s had visible issues with Reigns which threaten to interrupt the storylines.

There is no word on whether or not Jordan is the lone choice to partner with Rollins or if others will get the opportunity as well.

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