Jason Jordan Sets Impressive WWE First With Raw Tag Team Title Win

Jason Jordan became the first man to hold the Raw, SmackDown and NXT Tag Team Championships following his win on Monday night.

There are an awful lot of active championships in WWE right now. Raw and SmackDown Live have four titles each, there's a Cruiserweight Champion on 205 Live, three more belts to be won on NXT, and that isn't even including the United Kingdom Championship. It is a crowded title scene, but there are more Superstars on WWE's roster than ever before so it's only natural that there are more champions.

With so many championships up for grabs, it's pretty much impossible for one Superstar to work their way around the company and hold them all at one time or another. There are some performers with impressive hauls though. Alexa Bliss became the first woman to hold both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships earlier this year and Roman Reigns Intercontinental Title win made him a Grand Slam Champion.


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Jason Jordan arguably topped that feat with a first of his own this week on Raw when he became a Raw Tag Team Champion alongside Seth Rollins. That win makes Jordan the first man to win all three of WWE's currently active Tag Team Titles, Raw, SmackDown, and NXT. Jason Jordan won the NXT and SmackDown tag team titles alongside Chad Gable as one half of the aforementioned American Alpha.

Awarding Superstars in Jordan's position firsts isn't a new thing. During the period that Vince McMahon has been relentlessly pushing Reigns, The Big Dog has racked up a number of records and firsts including most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble and potentially retiring The Undertaker. Jordan seems to be the boss's latest pet project and may have a number of other firsts in his future if his push is as unrelenting as the one Reigns continues to receive.


You only have to watch Jordan's reactions to his various title wins to realize how the Raw Superstar's current booking isn't that great compared to when he was competing at Full Sail. When Jordan won the NXT Tag Team Titles with Chad Gable he could barely speak during the post-match interview as he was so overcome with emotion. The SmackDown reign, however, is one that was so insignificant that many fans have likely forgotten that it even happened.

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