Jeff Jarrett On The Decision Of Rebranding Impact Wrestling As GWF

Jeff Jarrett recently appeared on Busted Open with Larry Dallas and Dave Lagreca and discussed the rebranding of Impact Wrestling to Global Force Wrestling (GWF), the name of the promotion Jarrett created before returning to Impact.

If some of you were not aware, Jeff Jarrett co-founded TNA Impact Wrestling back in 2002 with the help of his father Jerry Jarrett. They eventually sold the company to Panda Energy, with heiress to Panda's heiress Dixie Carter taking the reigns, while Jarrett remaining a minority owner.

TNA Impact Wrestling was purchased earlier this year by Anthem Sports & Entertainment. Shortly after the acquisition, Anthem dropped the TNA name, going simply by Impact Wrestling. Another major shift during that time saw Impact Chairwoman Dixie Carter resign from her position after spending 14 years front and center in the promotion. Upon Carter's resignation, Jeff Jarrett returned to TNA Impact Wrestling and rebranded the name of the promotion to GFW following the company's latest Pay Per View—which signaled a soft rebrand of sorts— while keeping the name of the weekly shows as Impact. This further proves the company is working to shake its reputation, and it comes at a time when the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world, WWE, has little to no competition.

Here are some of Jeff's words on the subject of Global Force Wrestling's rebranding via WrestlingInc:

"Obviously we've had our ups and downs and in-betweens between myself — not just professionally — but personally with Impact," said Jarrett. "And then, you know, I launched Global Force Wrestling and it's so ironic how things have come together."

"In one essence we're back to the way it was originally branded," said Jarrett. "The name of the television show that comes on Thursday nights on Pop TV and Friday nights on Spike TV in the United Kingdom, Friday nights on Sony 6 on India. The name of the television show is Impact and now the name of the brand, as you stated, is GFW. So we're really excited. We realize it's not going to happen overnight. You know, the confusion didn't happen overnight so the re-brand is not going to happen overnight but we're heading in that direction."



In the past, TNA Impact Wrestling was struggling to stay afloat, and the company was barely making ends meet, let alone prospering. However, with the merging of TNA and GFW, the company has a somewhat fresh start with a roster full of untapped potential. It will certainly be interesting to see how this story develops over the next couple of months and to see if GFW stands a chance against the global giant, WWE. Perhaps this is not the most realistic thought considering GFW will most likely never reach WWE's level in terms of viewership or revenue, but it will be good to see Impact reach a level of success taking into account the company's spotty past.

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