Jeff Jarrett Taking An Indefinite Leave From COO Position At GFW

Global Force Wrestling (GFW) and Anthem Sports never seem to stop making news for all the wrong reasons. On Tuesday, GFW announced Jeff Jarrett will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from the company to focus on personal matters. The first speculation is that these personal matters seem to be related to a Jarrett who has let his personal demons get the better of him of late.

The decision was sudden and made mere hours before GFW posted the announcement on their website. It didn't appear Jarrett was in the know as earlier that morning, he posted an optimistic tweet about the promotion and what was coming. He was also set to host an NFL Fantasy Draft with members of his GFW staff. PWInsider reports that Anthem's Ed Nordholm made the decision himself after seeing Jarrett perform at a recent show in Mexico.

While the company was seemingly not upset with Jarrett over the creative direction of GFW, Nordholm's decision was based on "erratic behavior" and the situation had allegedly been building for months. Jarrett's appearance at AAA's TripleMania event in Mexico in late August showed that Jarrett was not in his typical ring shape and stumbled down the ring steps right before wrestling in a battle royal for just a few minutes. He was reportedly heckling fans and throwing tortillas into the crowd and it appeared it was not a part of a storyline. Nordholm was in attendance that evening.

Others suggest this leave is not health-related, but a potential parting of ways between Nordholm and Jarrett who have not been seeing eye to eye on the everyday business of GFW. Issues with Alberto El Patron and The Hardy's have been front and center of those confrontations.

As of now, no decision seems to have been made with respect to who will take Jarrett's role in the company, nor what it means in respect to the GFW name, many aspects of which Jarrett still owns. Some have speculated that "Big" John Gaburick, who still works with the company as a consultant, was retained as a backup plan in case the Jarrett regime did not work out. That doesn't speak well to Anthem's initial confidence in what Jarrett could offer.

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For now, the relationship is not completely severed. It was noted in the announcement that Jarrett will be available to the company on a consultative basis as needed but if he doesn't return, there could be huge dominos that fall as a result of this change. Alberto El Patron may not return, the creative writing team may change and certain aspects of GFW Trademarks may not be released to Impact and Anthem Sports.

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