Why Jeff Jarrett Is Going Into The WWE Hall Of Fame: The Best Theories

Perhaps hell has indeed frozen over, and while we cannot be sure on this, we can say that Lucifer recently changed his profile from red to blue. Jeff Jarrett was announced to be going into the WWE Hall of Fame today. This was first reported by NBC Sports and then confirmed by the WWE themselves. The question is, why would WWE induct J-E-Double-F-J-A-Double-R-E-Double-T into the Hall of Fame?

There's a lot to consider here. Well before Jeff founded TNA Wrestling as well as GFW, he was once a pretty successful wrestler. He succeeded just about anywhere he went, and not just by a small amount either. In WWE, Jarrett would win a Tag Team Title as well as WWE European Championship. This was not where it ended for him either, as he would go on to become a 6-time WWE Intercontinental Champion.

This sort of resume would have Jeff go on to reach main event status, but he never would for WWE. Instead, Jarrett would end up going to WCW where he was a notable champion there as well. He was a 3-time WCW United States Champion as well as a 4-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. As part of the young movement in the company, Jarrett would excel and show off as one of the top guys for the company. However, this would not keep the WCW open, as they were sold to Vince McMahon in 2001.


After this, Jarrett would go on to be a promoter and creative guy, which is what he had been doing until just recently. When it comes to the WWE Hall of Fame, it is clear Jarrett belongs. The question is, why not induct him sooner? He was gone from TNA for a while at one point, and only really worked in the back as a creative guy until recently. So what possessed them to induct the deserving Jeff Jarrett in the 2018 class?

There Might Be A Need For A New General Manager Soon

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Bryan mentioned in an interview back in January that he is unlikely to stay past WrestleMania if WWE does not let him wrestle by then. His contract comes up with WWE this September, and due to being retired...WWE could no longer freeze his deal like they can other injured wrestlers. While Bryan does not consider himself to be retired, he did announce it on TV. So as far as WWE is concerned, he's done as a in-ring competitor.

With Bryan not wanting to stick around past WrestleMania due to not being able to perform, WWE would likely be forced to have to let Bryan sit out until his deal expires later this year. This leaves an opening for a General Manager in WWE. Who better to take on this role than Jeff Jarrett? As he would clearly be a totally different type of GM than we've had in the past. Plus, he likely could bring in some ratings due to the rarity of his use in WWE recently.


Triple H Is Forming A Team Of Super-Creatives, And Jeff Could Be Of Use

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Clearly, the King of Kings is not going to be beloved by some people no matter what he does. But he has hired the right people and has made WWE better in recent years. This is why it is not shocking that news came out recently about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon being given creative control in WWE slowly. Vince knows whatever makes money is best for business, and it is clear Triple H is making them money as a creator.

Due to being handed the reigns to creative, Triple H has already started to form a team of sorts for his new creative role whenever it ends up happening. Paul Heyman disciple Gabe Sapolsky went from being simply a consultant for WWE to being part of the company. Jeremy Borash was just stolen from Impact Wrestling as well, and it is clear most of the jobs he does there the WWE already has plenty of. But there is a need for good creative members for Triple H's team...which is where he fit in.

Due to all the TNA names WWE has been able to bring in, it should come as no shock that Jeff Jarrett's name has been brought up by them. Even if he hasn't, this guy is the man who helped make them into stars. It cannot be overlooked that Jarrett did a lot as a promoter and was born into this, being the son of Jerry Jarrett, a former promoter himself. Jeff being on Triple H's team very well could be why he's being inducted now. It is sort of a welcome back present from The Game, and it's not a bad one for sure.

Business Allies On The Independents Are More Useful Than Ever Before

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Triple H has proven to be good at bringing the right names in at the right time. While he is still trying to bring the best of the best into WWE today, he knows that takes time. This is why he has tried to sort of speed ahead of all this by coming together with some of the better independent business across the world. He has been able to not only get people from these companies for wrestling material, but he has sort of partnered with them along the way.

WWE notably agreed to a monetary per-year deal with WWN Live, the company that has Evolve, SHIMMER, and Dragon's Gate USA under their banner. The company Gabe was formerly with. It is not a shock that many of those wrestlers have worked with WWE the past few years. This is not even going over the several European promotions he's partnered with, on top of others. With that said, independent names are useful and being connected to the right ones are huge.

While Jeff Jarrett and GFW have not gotten completely going, Jeff has been proven to be smart on finding talent. He's also great at developing them and getting them into good stories people can care about. With this ability, WWE could very well send him people they like but cannot hire at the time similar to how Vince McMahon did this with Paul Heyman and ECW in the 90s. He could also take some that he feels are perfect having first dibs to them, which is a part of the deal he has with WWN Live.

The addition of Jeff Jarrett into the WWE Hall of Fame opens up the channel of communication with he and WWE once more. It allows for Jeff to work with them, but also still work for himself at the same time. Make no mistake about it, WWE is far ahead of any company in the world are a billion dollar organization for a reason. It would be foolish to not partner with them if the option opened up. So if Jeff took the opportunity, it would make total sense.

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