WWE Officially Inducts Jeff Jarrett Into Hall Of Fame

WWE has announced its latest inductee to the 2018 Hall of Fame Class, former WCW World Champion and Impact founder, Jeff Jarrett.

The WWE has announced its latest inductee to the 2018 Hall of Fame Class, as former superstar and TNA and Global Force Wrestling founder founder Jeff Jarrett will join Goldberg, Ivory and The Dudley Boyz this year:

Jarrett first joined the WWE in 1992 and went by "Double J," where he played a country music singer bad guy. He immediately became one of the top young stars in the industry, and would win a whopping six Intercontinental Championships. On top of that, Jarrett won the Euopean Championship and one Tag Team title with the late Owen Hart.

Jarrett then bounced around between the WWF and WCW in the late '90s, and became infamous for his role at the Back of the Beach pay-per-view controversy in 2000.

Jarrett was scheduled to defeat Hulk Hogan to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. But The Hulkster used his creative control to dictate the outcome of the match. WCW writer Vince Russo had Jarrett simply lie down in the ring and have Hogan pin him within seconds. Hogan called out Russo, insulted the company and walked out of WCW - never to appear for the company again.


After a successful stint in WCW that saw him win four World Championships and three United States title, Jeff and his father Jerry founded Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2002, and it became one of the most successful promotions in the world.

Jarrett would leave TNA - which has since been re-branded as Impact Wrestling. He would later create the Global Force Wrestling promotion, but a deal fell through to mend the company with Impact.


Though he was once the head of a rival business to WWE, Jarrett's impact on the wrestling world cannot be emphasized enough. He was an elite superstar in his prime, and one of the most overlooked of his era.

There's no telling how different the wrestling world would be without Jarrett, so his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame is extremely deserved. We'll soon find out if any more superstars join the 2018 class that is stacked on legends.


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WWE Officially Inducts Jeff Jarrett Into Hall Of Fame