Will Jeff Hardy's Singles Run Bring The Broken Universe To WWE?

Jeff Hardy's battle royal win on this week's Raw could single more than just a shot at The Miz's Intercontinental Championship.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle opened this week's Monday night flagship by not only interrupting The Miz but then proceeding to upset the current Intercontinental Champion. Angle announced that as well as the Intercontinental title being on the line at No Mercy in a month's time, The Miz will also have to defend it on next week's Raw. There was then an over the top rope battle royal to decide who exactly would be the number one contender next week.

There were a few men in that ring for whom it made story line sense for them to win. Jason Jordan was in there and has a thing going on with The Miz right now, plus Finn Balor also featured but unceremoniously dumped out by an interfering Bray Wyatt. The eventual winner was one that not many would have chosen when the bell rang. A man who has held the Intercontinental Championship before a long time ago. Jeff Hardy.

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Both Jeff and his brother Matt Hardy competed in the Battle Royal, but unfortunately for the older Hardy, he was eliminated amid some unfair circumstances. An enraged Luke Gallows decided to re-enter the fray after being eliminated himself and take out Matt, all while Michael Cole vociferously proclaimed that there are no rules in a battle royal as per usual. Gallows and Anderson continued to beat down Matt after the elimination while Jeff carried on with business in the ring, and herein may lie the interesting twist.


There was no celebration with his brother after the match, or even going to his aid now that the bout was done. The focus was on Jeff Hardy and Jeff alone. Back in TNA when Matt Hardy first became broken the whole much-loved story line began when The Broken by facing off with his brother, and let's be honest, their rivalries usually start with a jealous Matt. Not only that, but Matt Hardy teased an "Awakening" a few weeks back, making many wonder if that is a way around any legal issues with GFW who claim they own the rights to the "Broken Universe". Maybe, just maybe, we are about to see that same story play out on a much bigger stage. We've had the tag team nostalgia that comes with the WWE version of the Hardyz, now we may be about to see what made them so famous while they were away.

Right now, it's unclear as to whether this is the plan for Matt and Jeff, but considering what happened during the opening match of Raw this week it would most definitely make sense. Jeff takes on Miz next week with his brother in his corner, only for Matt to step in and cost Brother Nero the match right at the crucial moment. Fans have been waiting for The Broken Universe since The Hardy Boyz returned at WrestleMania 33, and they may be about to get it.

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