Jericho Comments On Randy Orton Deal, Says AEW Wasn't An Option

Chris Jericho had his take on the Randy Orton coming to AEW rumors before signing with WWE and it sounds like Orton wasn't coming regardless.

Despite rumors and teases that Orton might have been prepared to jump to AEW before he signed what is believed to be a five-year extension with WWE, the AEW World Champion seems to think Orton wasn't in the AEW conversation anyways. In short, Orton might have teased AEW, even used them as leverage, but it wasn't going to happen.

Speaking with Sportskeeda, Jericho said he could only say so much because he only knew so much, but his take is, "... nobody is getting out of WWE, especially Randy Orton." Jericho noted that anyone, including Orton would have to be "very, very committed to saying 'I don't care if you pay me 20 gazillion dollars I'm leaving,." and Orton wasn't about to do that. Jericho said it was obvious, "Vince is going to pay millions and millions of dollars to not have Randy Orton go."

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Was AEW Even Interested?

Interestingly, it almost sounds like AEW might not have been interested anyways. Jericho added, "If you're using AEW to make more money off of Vince, go for it! That's great too but it's not like we're taking everybody that's going to leave WWE to come to AEW." Suggesting AEW does not want to become the company that is known for taking WWE talent to make their shows better, they're doing their own thing and creating their own stars.

Orton was not about to make millions of dollars to jump ship, even if Orton wanted WWE to believe that option was out there for him. Jericho says they're looking at guys who become available on a case-by-case basis and if there's a fit and they really want to be in AEW, they'll take them; just not if it costs millions of dollars.

That is probably what it would have cost AEW to land Orton.

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