Jericho's Current WWE Run May Last MUCH Longer Than Expected

When Chris Jericho made his return to the WWE early this year, many probably thought that his current run would be rather quick. He would come back, have a few matches, get a few younger guys over and then be on his way. But this "Gift of Jericho" era has been one of Y2J's best runs ever in the WWE and it looks like it will continue into 2017.

In a recent interview with The International Business Times, Jericho had this to say about his current run, the plans with his band Fozzy and when this run might end:

"Fozzy, we made a concerted idea to not do anything in 2016. We’re gonna do a new record, it’ll be released early 2017, then it’s full-time back in Fozzy. Until then, I’m having so much fun in the WWE. I plan to continue for the next who knows how long it is. I’d never say, but suffice it to say it’s going to be for a little while longer for sure."

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